kq count losses as kenya bans flight from milan

Factors Leading To Unpaid Pensions in Congo
Factors Leading To Unpaid Pensions in Congo

Today, the corona virus epidemic has led many to panic. The first outbreak case being in china, killed over 3000 and has led to fight ban by kenyan government. Everyone is now keen to know where and when the virus attacks. It is just a few months since the outbreak was declared a global raising issue. Kenyans are soon coming back home because of the eruption of the contagious virus.


KQ Airline Company is facing a lot of challenges due to the ban of flight to and from Milan following the recent reports of a few cases in the country. Here we will talk about the losses KQ Company is facing as a result of the flight ban.

Economic fallout

The economy is the backbone of our country, but now we are facing a dangerous enemy, the Corona virus. President Uhuru Kenyatta gave an order, task force to be formed and coordinate responses all over the country. On Tuesday, the task force banned all the flights from Italy, especially from Milan, as a result of the reported outbreak.


Closure of the outlet areas is quite a good plan to ensure Kenyans safety; however, it also affects the economy. Before this outbreak, the Kenyan airline used to fly to Guangzhou to pick industrial materials as well as carry passengers. All that revenue is now unavailable because of the flight ban.


The International Air Transport Association says the industry revenue will go down this year because passengers worth $29 billion will not board the flight to Milan. The consequence of that is the fall out of the country’s economy. My fellow Kenyans, if you believe in prayer, let’s pray it does not reach that.

Flight ban tension

The KQ airline company is now under a lot of pressure following the flight ban. The bad news is there are no passengers to board the flights to Milan compared to last year. The company is now afraid to lose its experienced workers because of reduced job opportunities. For instance, look at the cabin crew workers. If the government continues to ban flights out of the country, with time, they will end up jobless.


It’s logical everyone has his or her need and willing to do any available job to ensure the requirements are satisfied. You will find most of the cabin crew members have families to take care of; therefore, they can’t afford to be jobless. It is a massive blow to Kenya Airlines and its employees.


The truth is when the is no anyone to board the flights, job opportunities will reduce, and people who work in the industry will lose their jobs. If all of the trips are banned, and there are no jobs, the employees will find new areas to venture in and easy as that, the airline industry loses its skilled workers.


Banning these flights may help reduce the spread of this contagious virus and its sound, but as a country, let us not forget the advantages the aviation industry brings us. Apart from banning the flights, the government should focus mostly on innovative measures to prevent the outbreak of the Corona virus.






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