Huawei to Request UK to Delay 5G Network Removal


The recent 5G network upgrade is currently facing unwelcoming scenarios from many European and American nations. This is after the network is being connected to insecurity issues that pose a danger to these countries hence facing a rejection from these countries. President of the United states of America gave his remarks concerning the matter and has since postulated that he is convincing the UK to decline the Huawei 5G network proposal. As a matter of fact, UK will not be the only country he will be pursuing with this proposal. The Chinese companies behind the manufacture of the network have since foreseen the impact that will arise due to the reigning circumstances. They have since launched their efforts to try and convince these nations to hold back their decisions of doing away with the network.

The waging resistance on the 5G network

These unforeseen circumstances have placed china’s network company at a bizarre. Not only has the US and UK declined the offer but Britain is also claiming to follow suit. Initially, Britain had granted the network a limited role early this year January. But U.S sanctions have since put pressure. And hence prompted the nation to view Huawei company unreliable to the supply needs of the country. The British lawmakers haven’t been easy with execution of the ban.

Other countries like Canada as well are dealing with the rising demands from the U.S to ban the telecommunication network. The U.S president in his state release also highlighted how he has lured many countries to disallow the network. So, UK and US are not the only countries China should be worried about.

London has also raised concerns. The Chinese ambassador to London, Liu Xiaoping gave his remarks. He stated that getting rid of Huawei would not be a wise decision. As such would be communicating a “bad message’’ to china.

Huawei talks to the UK

In reference to the Sunday times newspaper, China has set up a meeting the UK prime minister to come to an agreement on the deal to delay the network. The china Huawei Technologies is hoping for a delay in the ban until the year 2025.


Now, if things go as planned, china is hoping that the new government that will rise after the elections will be in favor of the network. UKs next elections are set to take place in June 2025.In the meantime, the company will request to maintain its equipment in the UK. This will also be in support of the reigning remaining networks thus, 2G,3G and 4G.







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