Success for Mammoet: World Largest Single-train Petroleum Refinery Completed


Mammoet, a privately held Dutch company specializing in engineered heavy lifting and transport, has been in the game for years. Their focus is to help clients with safer, smarter, and more reliable solutions to heavy lifting or transport challenges.

The final 1,240t propylene mounded bullet at Dangote Petroleum Refinery and Petrochemical complex in Nigeria brings to an end another successful project completed safely and delivered on time by this transport and heavy lifting giants.

To their plate was receiving, on-site lifting, inland transport, and installing hundreds of refinery components back in 2018 when they contracted to assist in the construction of the refinery. The ingredients were sourced globally and delivered to Dangote Quay Lekki in Lagos. Multiple shipments were involved in bringing all the components to the project site. The components were first stored temporarily on freshly paved Enviro-Mat.

Mammoet Success Strategy

The diverse nature of the Mammoet fleet of heavy lifting and transport equipment has helped them optimize the construction process and ensure the highest construction and scheduled uptime. Among the heavy lifting and transport equipment are; conventional trailers and trucks, mobile and crawler cranes ranging in capacity from 250t to 1600t, and SPMTs.

To ensure efficiency during the project’s execution, Mammoet brought two of its largest super heavy-lift ring cranes with lifting capacities to 5000t- the PTC 200 DS and PT 50. You might be wondering what enabled more efficient approaches to lift and install the hefty component ever transported via public means in Africa and the largest crude column in the World, a 3000t regenerator, and a 2000t crude column, respectively? You are right, this is a shock, and one might doubt that it only took Mommoet lifting capacity combined with their dedicated efforts to bring this to reality.

Mammoet has done a lot since they took over the project. They have transported a total of 239 items with a combined weight of 84,905t from the jetty the site while installing 154 items with a combined weight of 68,415t. It’s surprising.

Number of Employees who Worked on the project

You might be wondering how many individuals it took to bring this project to completion. Over 100 Mammoet professionals dedicated two years of their time while adhering to the company’s stringent measures and safety standards to ensure that the installation and transportation activities were safely executed as per the schedule. To maximize the project efficiency and avoid additional costs, Mammoet Company had precise planning and thorough coordination.

Did Mammoet Work Alone?

Mammoet coordinated with Northridge Engineering in Nigeria during this project. The operation also creates value and opportunities for the local community, thus supporting the local employment. They trained and encouraged local businesses to be part of the supply chain. During this project, individuals with SPMT operation skills, crane riggers, and drivers were crucial. A total of 54 local employees were required. Local businesses were not left behind, either. For the two years, Mammoet has been in operation on the site, a total of 43 Nigerian companies were given subcontract.

 “We are very honored that the Dangote Group entrusted us with the entire heavy lifting and transport scope for one of the most significant projects in Nigeria and the West Africa region.” Said Paul van Gelder, CEO Mammoet.

“I am very proud of what our strong, driven team has achieved. They delivered an exceptional performance. This project proves our commitment and focuses on realizing the most efficient and cost-effective approaches for our clients. Once again, we have demonstrated that Mammoet provides smarter, safer, and stronger solutions for any heavy lifting or transport challenge, anywhere in the World.” he added.

Benefits of the Project to the Nigerians Citizens

Dangote Refinery is the largest single-train facility in the World and the biggest petroleum refinery in entire Africa. It is an integrated refinery and petrochemical project with the capacity to produce 650,000 barrels per day. The refinery will reduce Nigeria’s reliance on imported petroleum products and increase its oil export capacity. This will boost economic growth and generate thousands of jobs in the country.



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