Favour Oluma: A Young Nigerian Lady Converts Old Car Tires To Stylish Coffee Tables


Favour Oluma, a Nigerian lady, is a student of the Federal University of Technology, Minna, who makes adorable coffee tables from old car tires. This artistic lady has shown the world that skilled and innovative brains still exist in this world. Who can say they have no job? Borrow a leaf from this young lady whose story of creativity will amaze you anew. When you think you have seen it all and that everyone has reached the limit of their creativity, life stories like these, give hope that you can still make it in life by using the things in your surroundings. 

Furthermore, Favour Oluma wowed the social media community after posting pictures of her beautiful creations and fantastic craftsmanship of converted car tires to stylish coffee tables. These beautiful photos have been making the rounds on social media. Favour said it is her hustle as she sought patronage via her social media account.

The young Nigerian lady is into the craft of converting old car tires into grand tables that can fit into any modern home. In a collage showing beautiful creations she shared on Twitter, Favour Oluma could be seen in the production process of different tables. Certainly, she has portrayed how amazing anyone can be in their respective endeavors.

Current reports have revealed that some people are not only hardworking but are constantly rethinking ways to make new things from old and dumped materials. Moreover, her business is an eco-friendly way of recycling tires.




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