Famous Gallerist Adora Mba Says Ghana will be Africa’s Best Art Hub


Art in itself is a form of language. One that is easy to decipher and understand. It is just mesmerizing how one can learn so much with a single art. Makes me wonder what of an art gallery. The amount of knowledge that is on display in these rooms is just overwhelming. Africa is one continent rich in creative art yet still remains untapped. An opportunity that Adora Mba, a Ghanaian gallerist has sort to embark on and explore from her home country.

Adora art journey

Before she launched her gallery in Ghana, Adora was based in London. It is where she started off her career working as an editor and art advisor. She later decided to launch her own artwork gallery and Ghana became her start off point. However, her plans didn’t go as she had anticipated. She was set to open the gallery in March 2020. But the pandemic took a toll on the situation. Nonetheless, the pandemic was not going to stop her from actualizing her dream. In fact, the pandemic was just a blessing in disguise for her. She was granted quality time with which she could perfect her projects and advocate for African artwork.

Endorsing African artists

It is through this gallery that Ada wishes to expose the hidden talent within black African artists. She is willing to go the extra mile and put more credit on African artwork. Ada affirms that when she began her career, African artists were non-existent. And the few that were around were not credited well for their artwork. That is why, in this art gallery, most of her artists are from Africa. In fact, she is currently looking forward to recruiting two African diaspora artists in the United States and from Canada.

ADA/ Contemporary art gallery

ADA \ contemporary art gallery

Eventually, the gallery came to play. The gallery takes after her name Ada. Ada is a name that her family has familiarized themselves with to her. The gallery is strategically positioned in the country’s capital, Accra. During the inaugural, there were ready-made exhibitions of art from Collins Obijiaku, a talented upcoming Nigerian artist. There are a number of exhibitions representing a total of eight African artists. Two of whom have impending solo shows.

Market demand for African artists locally and internationally

Globally, people are gradually starting to take note of black African artists. There couldn’t be a better time than this to open the gallery. The demand is so overwhelming that she fears for a burst in the market bubble. Nonetheless, Ada is confident of the African artwork and believes that the creativity level is beyond depletion.

Her choice for Ghana was also in regard to the market demand. Although she originates from Lagos, she much preferred Accra. Aside from Accra being her home, she also understood that artwork wasn’t much revered in Accra as was in Lagos. She looks forward to exploring the much-unused talent in the country and transforms it to become the new hub for African art.



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