Rocking Your African Fashion with these 7 Tips

rocking your African fashion
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Africa has a rich diversity of cultures that fuel people’s everyday lives. One element that stands out the most is perhaps the continent’s fashion options. Consequently, you’ll come across many people in Africa dressed in Western-inspired attire. Though in recent years, the trend is undoubtedly changing, more African designers are going back to their roots, creating magnificent fashion trends. This article discusses tips on rocking your African fashion.

Types of Traditional Outfits

Every African nation you come across has its traditional attire. Some have quite a few, depending on the various traditions followed within the country. Examples of some of these include:

Babban Riga – a wide-sleeved robe worn by Hausa-Fulani men

Zuria – a full-length dress with a mesh hood worn by Tigrinyan Women

Buba – a loose blouse with either a round or V-shaped neckline. Yoruba men and women both wear it

Isiagu – a pullover shirt for Igbo men worn during special occasions. It’s usually paired with a fez hat or a leopard hat

Busuuti – also called a gomesi is a colorful full-length dress with puffed sleeves, worn by Buganda and Busoga women

Djellaba – a full-length woolen robe worn in Morocco by both men and women. It comes with a baggy hood

Thawb – also called a Khamis by the Somali is a long garment, mostly with long sleeves worn by men.

Tips For Getting an African Look

Below are a few tips to get your African inspired look down:

i) Use the right materials

Traditionally, African clothes were made with a particular fabric to give them their uniqueness. Look for outfits made from fabrics like Ankara, Mudcloth, and Kanga, among others. As a result, you’ll find yourself a fashion icon.

ii) Choose a region

Do not mix cultural outfits. Instead, find one traditional fashion style you like. Do it from head to toe, if possible, to bring out its flair. Therefore, your mix of style will make you presentable.

iii) Be colorful

The brighter the colors, the better your look. Africans prefer bright colors like gold, red, blue, and green, which portray good health, joy, and celebration.

iv) Add patterns

Patterned fabrics bring an African edge to your style. These tend to be geometrical shapes spread throughout the cloth. They add flair to your fashion and makes you look great all the time. Africa wear has this unique design that enhances your fashion world.

v) Find a tailor

An experienced tailor is your best option for African attire. These clothes will rarely feature among those at your local store. The tailor will customise the clothes to your liking. In so doing, you can comfortably look great hence rocking your African fashion.

vi) Pick a design

For everyday outfits with an African touch, get designs you can incorporate with your available selection of clothes. You’ll stay fashionable without having to overhaul your entire wardrobe. Additionally, getting a variety of clothes with African touch enhances your look.

vii) Don’t forget the shoes

Nowadays, you can even get shoes made from these traditionally inspired clothes. Be sure to get a pair, or more, to complete your look. Besides, fashionable shoes rock your fashion and enhance your look.

Parting Shot

The above article talks about the tips you can use to rock your fashion. Rocking your African fashion should be a walk in the park with the above tips.