Corruption Alert: Nigerian Suspect Collapses amid an Interrogation in Parliament


The news never gets old. Every single day is a new day to a corruption case and mismanagement of funds or lost funds in the hands of people. What kind of greed is this? Some African leaders have completely refused to be honest and to focus on building their nation. I believe this is why the other continents are more powerful than the African continent. There are rare cases of corruption or embezzlement cases in white countries.

Just weeks ago, in Kenya, there was a lawmaker who was involved in maize funds graft. His name is Waluke. The court fined him a huge sum of money and now he is in prison as he tries to come up with the money. In Zimbabwe, there was also a similar situation as this and the journalist involved ended up in prison.

It is sad that the people who condemn these evil acts in the government end up in prison or dead. Similarly, Nigeria also has a hysterical story whereby the victim collapses as the lawmakers ask him questions on misused funds.

Corruption; Nigerian Official Faints

An official in Nigeria faints on live TV as lawmakers were asking him questions concerning the misuse of funds. The government had apportioned the money to a development commission.

Daniel Pondei, the acting managing director of the Niger Delta Development Commission, collapsed from his seat less than 60 minutes. After the collapse, some officials went to help him immediately. One was trying his best to prevent the man from chocking while others were cooling him off. There was one official who poured some water around his head making him come around.

The committee released him as an ambulance was coming to attend to him. 2 men and a police officer aided the man out.


The Niger Delta Development Commission is a government organization. President Olusegun Obasanjo formed the NDDC in 2000. He had the mandate of improving the Niger Delta area of the country. 8 years later, President Umaru proclaimed the creation of a Niger Delta Ministry with the NDDC becoming a parastatal

President Buhari Comments

The head of state of Nigeria talked on the reports. He says his government will take out any vandals of development. He says:

“I have made it clear to the Parliament and our investigating and law enforcement agencies to pursue better organization in their job. This is so because the shared goal of making sure sanity, transparency, and accountability of funds can be attained.”

He went further and said:

“All investigating auditing organizations currently working with NAC to audit and reposition the NDDC must act with urgency. Moreover, they must act with a sense of purpose and make sure that the concerned keep me updated of all actions.”

It only takes strong and trustworthy leaders like President Buhari to move a country forward. They take serious actions on victims involved in corruption. By taking severe actions on the people involved in graft, then the cases would reduce greatly.




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