The Reason Why the Kenya Budget Is Likely To Be Held Back

The Reason Why the Kenya Budget Is Likely To Be Held Back
The Reason Why the Kenya Budget Is Likely To Be Held Back

Following the outbreak of the Corona virus, Kenya expects to hold its budget since the parliament is busy checking the rapid spread of the new virus. At the moment, the world has recorded over two hundred and seventy confirmed cases with eleven thousand deaths. The Corona virus outbreak is an international crisis threatening to shrink the world economy.

As a result, legislators from all Houses voted to change their calendar dates. The voting took place on Tuesday. In addition, the parliament is planning to resume the sittings on 30th April although it will depend on the virus situation by then. The Kenyan parliament also says it will hold weekly sessions after the 30th meeting as they wait for the case to improve.

The plan in place to fight the virus seems long-term arrangement

Kenya associated board are currently building a concrete plan on how to fight the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Coming up with a solid strategy may take some time; this is why the parliament is willing to push the budget calendar dates. It is a critical situation, following the prolonged deficiency of lawmakers if the pandemic worsen. Furthermore, making a precise budget requires the parliament to have all the help it can get from its members. Currently, this is not the case since everyone is under lockdown due to the spread.

As per the reporters, the two Houses debated and arrived at new 2020 budget policy statement which outlays strategic priorities and goals to guide the national as well as county governments prepare the budget. The budget policy statement is alongside with next year’s revenue bill, debt management paper and county distribution revenue legislation. Division of revenue draws round on how to divide income among the two ranks of the government. The county allocation of revenue bill distributes equal share on revenue provided by the government. Which is at least fifteen per cent of the previously audited accounts.

Kenneth Lusaka, the senate speaker, defends the decision to suspend the budget and tells everyone to remain calm. He also assures all counties that the House has all the time it needs to hold exceptional sittings to look at critical matters in the country. Besides, James Orengo, the senate minority leader, advises all lawmakers to be ready as they can get back to action any time soon.

The Bungoma county senator, Moses Wetangꞌula opposed the suspension of the budget. He asked the Speaker of the national assembly on what shall happen to the constitutional timeline of the budget-making procedure. He also adds that it is a budget season and they should observe some of the issues touched by the budget as they are time-bound.


The bottom line here is that we should trust our governments’ decision on the budget issue. On the other hand, the government should do its best to call the parliament back to action, especially in times of emergency. Besides, it should take care of specific issues even in time of war or a pandemic.



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