CAR: President Touadéra Says Elections Will Go On


On Monday, Central African Republic President, Faustin-Archange Touadéra, urged citizens to vote in the forthcoming legislative and presidential elections scheduled for 27 December.

President Touadéra’s statement comes after the Sunday call of postponement of the elections by the Coalition of the Democratic Opposition, citing lack of peace and insecurity.

Heavily guarded

The head of state was heavily guarded by UN peacekeepers and other soldiers following reports that rebels were advancing to the capital, Bangui.

President Touadéra called for the recovery of democracy in the country now that it has recovered constitutional order. He said that some people had resorted to violence, which both the people and he condemn.

Bozizé a nightmare

Francois Bozizé, CAR’s former leader, was barred by the court from contesting in the soon to be held presidential elections. The court’s decision came from the fact that Bozizé has UN sanctions levied on him.

However, there are claims that he is backing the rebel alliance advancing to the capital, Bangui. The government has claimed that he plans to stage a coup.

The rebel alliance is yet to confirm claims that Bozizé is backing them. However, Bozizé’s location is said to be 150 kilometers northwest of Bangui.

A limited government

Only a third of CAR is under government control while the rest of CAR is under armed rebel groups.

President Touadéra leads from the capital Bangui, where the government has significant control. However, UN and humanitarian reports have said that the rebel alliance has assumed control of most routes heading to Bangui. The situation has created a high alert on the president’s base.

Nearing Elections

Russia and Rwanda are reported to have sent over troops to aid in CAR’s current security situation amidst the nearing elections. Rwanda’s move responds to what the country terms as targeting of their nationals by CAR’s rebel groups in an attack on the UN Peacekeepers forces.

In recent days, armed groups have carried out attacks in various areas as the election fever heightens. MINUSCA, the UN Peacekeeping mission in the country, has confirmed this, saying that they have responded to the attacks.

The election will see President Touadéra seek another term in office, something that the rebel groups are determined to bar from happening.




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