Education: Higher Learning Institutions in Senegal Reopen


Education is an important activity in the life of a person. One gets to have the knowledge and skills for survival outside school life. Before the pandemic struck the globe, most regions around the world were carrying out their academic activities normally. After China recorded its index case, the virus spread to other regions.

The World Health Organization advised countries to close most of the social activities. The education sector was among the sectors that the pandemic affected. Most countries closed down learning institutions to control the spread of the virus. For example, Kenya had to cancel its whole academic year until next year.

However, some countries have eased their restrictions and have allowed their students and pupils to return to schools. Senegal is an example of such a country. Earlier this week, the universities in the country started reopening after a five-month closure because of the disease.

The health authorities in Senegal announced that the virus had reached the country on March 2 this year. According to the WHO, Senegal has over 13,500 cases of coronavirus and over 250 fatalities.

Education Sector Reopening in the Country

The Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar, the state’s biggest institution, split over 75,000 students into over 2 groups. Some students attended the classes in person on a rotation basis while others preferred online studies. The university authority used this strategy, aiming at the social distancing rule over safety concerns.

There are over 7 universities in Senegal. Some higher learning institutions will reopen later in the year. The ministry of health emphasized following the COVID-19 safety laws. Examples of public universities in Senegal are Gaston Berger, Thies University, and Ziguinchor University.

There are also private universities such as Amadou Hampaté Bâ University and Dakar Bourguiba University. Others are Euromed Université, Suffolk University Dakar Campus, and L’Université de l’Entreprise.


Covid-19 Safety Rules in Senegal

The World Health Organization stated prevention measures of the virus that every country should follow. As Senegal is reopening its universities, the institutions promised to observe the social distancing rule to curb the spread. Other measures include the provision of masks, sanitizers, and building water sources for washing hands.

In a country like South Africa, the institutions are checking the students’ temperature before entering the school. The ministry of health also advises the students to strictly adhere to the rules.

Is it Safe for Senegal to Reopen its Learning Institutions Yet?

Looking at the number of students in the country and the number of cases, the institutions need to employ better strategies. They should prioritize the safety of the students and workers. If the coronavirus finds a way in the universities, then it would be a terrible state of affairs.

It would be wise if the universities in Senegal reopen in phases observing the rules and the positivity rate of the country. The government should stay vigilant and ensure the institutions follow the protocols.




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