Zimbabwe extends Its Lockdown Amid Coronavirus Surge


Since coronavirus cases have escalated in Zimbabwe over the past months, their head of state decided to extend lockdown. This comes at a time when the country’s economy has deteriorated. Local businesses and the country at large have experienced a significant plunge. Even though most Zimbabweans were not pleased with the measure, they have to abide by it. More so, lockdown is a measure to protect people from contracting the virus.

Extension of Lockdown in Zimbabwe

Many Zimbabweans were disappointed when it dawned on them that their government had extended the lockdown. The news reached the public after Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, their acting health minister, announced it on state television.

“The President fully appreciates the challenges that come with this extension. Livelihoods are being disrupted, yet we must save lives and our nation.”

The surge in cases happened last year during the festive season. According to reports, civilians had let down their guard as they had drifted most of their attention in preparing for the festivities. And it is not only Zimbabwe that saw an increase in December, for other states had also recorded massive cases of the virus.

What Happens Amid the Lockdown

There is less contact during lockdowns, activities do not function normally, and there is restricted movement. For Zimbabweans, the government made it clear that officers would make patrols to ensure everyone abides by the restrictions. With the lockdown comes curfew, stay at home order and ban the sale of alcohol.

However, essential services like hospitals, pharmacies, and supermarkets will remain operational. Nevertheless, they will not operate past curfew hours.  And anyone who will be out during curfew hours will answer to the authorities. At the same time, the previous regulatory measures will still apply. Masking, sanitizing, social distancing, etc.

Zimbabwe Minister Succumbs Because of COVID-19

So far, the top three government officials have succumbed in Zimbabwe because of the virus, thus reason enough to enact restrictive measures. Sibusiso Moyo is among the deceased. He passed away recently after ailing from the virus. The State officials held his funeral at the Heroes Acre in the Capitol, Harare, where they buried him.

The other two officials who died from the virus were Joel Biggie Matiza, the transport Minister and Prisons Chief Paradzai Willings Zimondi. The death of these top officials has sparked worry among Zimbabweans. Since its evident the virus knows no bounds, everyone needs to protect themselves from it.

Immunization Plans

The quality of vaccines is mandatory on excellent vaccination outcomes. This is because vaccine quality determines the effectiveness and safety of vaccines. Like most countries, Zimbabwe has begun endorsing vaccines for coronavirus. Zimbabwe buys the coronavirus vaccines, which they will use to inoculate about two-thirds of its population. Meanwhile, accessing the vaccines has not been easy. And as the cases continue to surge, there is a possibility many countries will conflict over the doses.

“When the scientific verifications end, Treasury can pay for vaccines to meet all the needs of all Zimbabweans who will need vaccinations,” George Guvamatanga, finance, and economic development secretary said through text message. He did not comment on the amount set aside to pay for the shots.



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