World Court to Enact on Iran and United States Case


The International Court of Justice agrees to lend an ear Iran case file against the United States. Iran wants the US to lift its sanctions against its city Tehran. Tensions between these two cities erupted after former US President Donald Trump withdrew from Iran’s 2015 nuclear accord. On Wednesday, two years later, the world court agrees to hear the case. A case that if it favors Iran’s wishes, the country will no longer be answerable to the re-imposed sanctions by the former US government. The world court has the full mandate to settle the dispute between these two states.

The 2015 Iran Nuclear Accord

A couple of nations, including the US, agree with Iran to stop it from producing a nuclear weapon. In exchange, the nations agreed to give billions of dollars to support the economy. Until 2018, Iran fully obliged to reduce the uranium purification percentage required for nuclear production.

Following the US withdrawal from the pact, Iran has embarked on its Uranium purification process. The US secretary-general had earlier mentioned that Iran is three to months away from enacting a nuclear breakout. It was a notion that the Israel minister of energy brushed off, who saw an estimation of six months of the nuclear breakout. Nonetheless, the statements prove that Iran is back to nuclear weapon manufacture.

Biden`s efforts to renew the pact

Biden had promised to make efforts and mend the broken ties with Iran established by Trump`s administration. The United States has also gone ahead to try and brush off the case based on the 1955 bilateral friendship fact. However, according to the 1979 Islamic revolution and the US’s deteriorating ties, the world court has enough basis to continue the case.

The presiding judge, Abdulqawi Yusuf, affirms the rejection of the US plea by the world court. The Judge further explains that an Amity treaty is completely misrelating to the dispute between the two states. The foreign minister for Iran expresses his joy over the ruling. Iran sees the world court’s decision as a step to victory following the events of October 2018.

The World Court to proceed on Iran case

US efforts to evade a court case with Iran have been rendered futile. The ICJ has so far dismissed all US objections to the case. The US now looks forward to a court hearing with Iran. Although the final decision will take years before its realization, the move encourages Iran to sever the US- Tehran sanctions.



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