Tragedy Strikes as Car Hits Mourners During Malawi VP’s Funeral Convoy

Tragedy Strikes as Car Hits Mourners During Malawi VP's Funeral Convoy
AFP The late Vice-President Saulos Chilima's party has asked mourners to shun acts of violence

Mishap during the Vice-President of Malawi’s Funeral Procession: Four People Died, One of Them Was a Pregnant Woman

Four people, including a pregnant mother, were killed in a terrible incident that happened during the late Malawi vice president Saulos Chilima’s burial procession. A automobile struck a gathering of mourners on Sunday night when it swerved to avoid the convoy transporting the vice president’s body. Twelve more people were hurt in this tragic incident, and they are currently receiving medical attention.

Details of the Incident

According to witnesses, the late vice president’s burial convoy was being escorted by military, police, and locals when there were several altercations prior to the crash. As the caravan made its way to Chilima’s hometown of Ntcheu for his funeral from Lilongwe, the nation’s capital, fighting broke out. A week before these events, Saulos Chilima tragically lost his life in an aircraft crash. He was buried on Monday, some 180 kilometers (112 miles) south of Lilongwe.

Funeral March and Public Response

Thousands of people lined the streets to have a last look at the late vice president’s coffin as the procession passed by neighborhoods near to Chilima’s house. When some mourners started hurling stones at government cars and officials, the situation became more tense. A privately owned car that wasn’t in the official convoy swerved to avoid the procession in the following turmoil, went off the road, and fatally struck a group of mourners.

Two males and two women were among the victims, according to a police statement. A representative for Chilima’s UTM party, Felix Njawala, reported that there was a great deal of tension on the way due to mourners’ demands for the procession to stop so they could see the coffin. In Dedza, mourners went so far as to block the road, demanding to see the casket before letting the caravan pass. After a while, things settled down and the parade went on.

A Country Laments

The country has been profoundly affected by Chilima’s passing. To celebrate his memory, tens of thousands of Malawians turned out for his funeral on Sunday at the national stadium. Chilima, a 51-year-old politician, was well-liked for his ability to relate to young people and his novel take on politics. He perished in the weather-related crash of a military plane in a northern Malawian forest, along with eight other people.

Historical Background and Current Political Situation

Important things happened during Chilima’s political career. After successfully running for and winning the 2020 elections, his party partnered with President Lazarus Chakwera’s party to establish a coalition government. Chilima was charged with corruption in 2022; however, those allegations were withdrawn last month. He never wavered in his innocence.

Public scrutiny of the government’s handling of the circumstances surrounding Chilima’s death has increased as a result of the accident. Some mourners demonstrated their displeasure with President Chakwera during his eulogy at the funeral service by booing him. In response, President Chakwera promised to conduct a comprehensive inquiry to determine the reason behind Chilima’s death in the plane crash.

Criticizing Violent Behavior

The violence that tainted the funeral procession has been denounced by the UTM party. Patricia Kaliati, the secretary general of UTM, stressed the need of maintaining peace and urged supporters to refrain from using violence. Considering Chilima’s support of nonviolence, she urged the country to pay tribute to his memory by remaining composed and abstaining from negative actions.

In summary

Malawi is under a cloud of sadness as a result of the tragic incident that occurred during Vice President Saulos Chilima’s burial procession. The event highlights the political and emotional strains in the nation as it goes through mourning. The demand for calm and a full inquiry into Chilima’s death’s circumstances emphasize the importance of cooperation and openness at this trying time.


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