Qatar Diplomatic Ties: Trade and Travel Resume in UAE


The UAE confirms that trade and travel are to resume in Qatar to restore the Qatar diplomatic ties in UAE. However, this does not insinuate that diplomatic relations are restored. The US-backed deal presents an opportunity for Doha to carry out trade expedites despite ongoing disputes. Meanwhile, the diplomatic state needs more time to achieve an agreement. Nonetheless, Saudi Arabia has taken a bold step in making ends meet with Doha. The ties which were broken in mid-2017 will now experience a new dawn of reconciliation. The Gulf Powerhouse Minister of foreign affairs confirms the plans with Riyadh to restore diplomatic ties with Doha.

Reason for the cut Qatar Diplomatic Ties

Apparently, Qatar is allegedly being connected to terrorist acts. Speculations as well are on the rise concerning a bid to cut ties with Iran. As a result, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, and the UAE took drastic measures to sever their Qatar ties. All this emanates from the news of Qatar having terrorism links with Iran. This was after a visit from the former US president, Donald Trump, with the Arab and Muslim leaders in Riyadh.

Consequently, Saudi Arabia and the UAE blocked the Al Jazeera websites and distanced themselves from Qatar. Airlines and access to the country from Qatar were completely blocked. Nonetheless, Qatar has repeatedly, over the years, denied the allegations. The ministry of foreign affairs claims that the decision to sever ties with Qatar was an utter violation of its sovereignty.

Foreign Mediators

Kuwait and the US have played a key role in bridging the gap between these states. According to Washington, the dispute impedes efforts to contain Iran. Iran has well-made moves on Saudi Arabia with a recent attack on its energy installations.

Three years later…

Earlier this week, on Tuesday, Saudi Arabia announced the end of its rivalry with Qatar. Saudi joins UAE in this peaceable endeavor to restoring some broken relationships. The UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash gives way forward. He affirms that airlines, shipping, and trade with Qatar are set to commence within a week.

The act will heavily boost the upcoming 2022 football world cup to be held in Qatar. In fact, UAEs air links will be a major boost to the event. Moreover, Qatar airways confirm that a reroute of its airlines to Saudi will be happening as of Thursday.

Road to rebuilding trust

The gulf feuds came with conditions upon severing ties with Qatar. As a result,13 guidelines were put forward. Among them is downgrading their ties with Iran, closing the Al Jazeera websites, closing all Turkish military base and distancing themselves with the Muslim brotherhood. Qatar foreign minister, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani couldn’t agree more about restoring ties.

Qatar has so far made efforts to help mend the relationship by cooperating to counter-terrorism. However, Mohammed confirms that the deal will not trickle down to affect Qatar`s relationship with Iran and Turkey. Hence a gap in restoring the diplomatic ties. According to Gargash, Iran and Turkey tend to interfere with Arab sovereignty. He further suggests that for the diplomacy part, time is needed to be on the same page. But for now, achieving trade ties and opening doors to Qatar is a milestone.









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