Israel Plans to Strike Iran; Top General Affirms


Israel’s top general, Lieutenant-General Aviv Kohavi, on Tuesday, aired his views on speculations of the US returning to the 2015 nuclear accord. Former President Donald Trump disembarked on the agreement in 2018, strengthening the US and Israel ties. As a result, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear arms deal. The General views any attempts of embarking on the deal from the current US president as Wrong. The Lieutenant adds that it doesn’t matter whether the deal will incorporate a new or improved version of the accord, either way, it will be a bad move from the US counterparts.

2015 Iran Nuclear Accord

The 2015 Nuclear deal with Iran was one that marked a milestone towards maintaining a peaceable state. This was because the deal proposed that Iran refrain from all nuclear weapon manufacturing attempts. In exchange, Tehran will receive billions of dollars as sanction relief. The deal was backed up by Russia, France, China, UK, Germany, European Union, and the US.

However, Saudi Arabia and Israeli were against the deal. According to Israeli, the deal presented some flaws. Although the reports present Iran to be obliging to the deal, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu says the deal does not halt Iran`s aggressiveness and ambitions. He further points out that Iran might go back to nuclear manufacture after the expiration of the deal. In fact, Netanyahu had plans in place to attack Iran in the run-up to the accord. However, he was convinced otherwise by an anonymous Israeli officer because the deal might actually have security benefits.

Trump Abandons the Iran deal

In 2018, the then US President Donald Trump withdrew the US from the deal. His reasons are not further away from those of the Israeli Prime Minister. A move that put a smile on Netanyahu as he congratulated Trump for the bold move. As a result, Iran has been spotted to avert from the agreement since the US pullout. Production of Nuclear related weapons in Iran has peaked. Doing exactly what the deal advised against.

President Biden promised to restore the deal and mend Iran’s relations with the US. However, it would not be a smooth path for Biden. Biden`s secretary of state, Antony Blinken, affirms that the US is further away from deciding whether to restore the deal. Additionally, he states the pact entirely depends on Iran`s action over the years before taking any steps.

Israel push forward with plans to strike Iran

As much as Kohavi strongly disagrees with Biden`s agenda on going back to Iran deal, his plans to strike Iran are firmly in play. He discloses Israel`s operational plans on Iran. Kohavi is preparing his defense force team to help execute the already laid out plans. He now only awaits a decision from the political leadership to grant him the go-ahead.



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