Woman Grows Hairs Out Of Her Gums In Extremely Rare Medical Case.

Woman Grows Hairs out of her gum

One time or another, you get a time you want to remove hairs that have outgrown. However, this is not the case when it has to withdraw from the gum. However, a rare example of what those in the medical field term as gingival hirsutism emerged.

A nineteen-year-old girl, ten years ago, she met doctors at the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli in Italy with this case.


” In 2009, we reported a matter of a young woman who presented with the hairs on the secular epithelium of the retro incisor palatal papilla,” 


The specialist said in one of their recent case studies. To mean, the scattering eyelash like hair was protruding. They were coming from the soft tissues are directly behind the upper front teeth.


After a more in-depth investigation, they found that there were five more cases as this. The examples were dated back in the 1960s. However, it is not possible to tell how many cases have been there since history has begun. There are few records on the same. This makes it hard for doctors even to explain what causes the condition. 


Causes of Gingival Hirsutism 

In the recent case, however, the pathologists could find a clue quickly. The ultrasounds and hormone tests gave a diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). It is a reproductive condition that has a connection with hormonal imbalances.


Excess hair or hirsutism is, therefore, the effect of this imbalance. However, this kind of expected growth often grows in body parts that are already sprouting follicles, for example, limbs, torso, and face. In this case of this girl, the hairs ware said to be ectopic. In other words, it means that the hair was growing outside the place. As much as PCOS might not the reason for its occurrence, the chances are it exacerbated the situation.


The doctors did a surgical procedure to remove the hairs. The doctors also gave oral contraceptives, which was to help her address the issue of hormonal imbalances. After one month, the lady went for a checkup, and she was hair-free.


 After six-year, the patient went back to the hospital. She was no longer taking her hormonal imbalance pills. For this reason, the hairs were growing again. During this time, the doctors removed not only the hair but also took some tissues for a further checkup. 


A year later, the condition was deteriorating as the hairs were growing from other sites. Although it’s not yet confirmed, the researchers say that due to the close relation of the mucosal tissues in the mouth with the skin building tissues, it’s not that difficult to imagine that the cells could have been active in theory.

Questions Arising.

The question that arises is why some of these types of tissues grow out of place. At the same time, others do not,


 “There is no clear explanation for this anomalous presence of one relatively common finding and the absence of the other in the oral mucosa.” There is no further recon showing if the patient 


It also leaves a question if her dental abnormality could affect her general health. 

 With at least one case on the records, the pathologists will get ready well enough for the next time a similar situation occurs.




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