why you should consider cryptocurrency for investment

Why you should consider cryptocurrency for your investment

An overview: This article outlines the key reasons why you should consider cryptocurrency for investment.

Over the past few years, cryptocurrency has gained popularity and many people have invested in currencies like bitcoin. Crypto industry is a crazy world yet still attracts investors all over the world.

The cryptocurrency market has really been growing at a fast rate over the past few years and many people have tasted the fruit of investing in cryptocurrency. The technology underlying crypto industry has the potential to change your life. This currency is a dream come true!

This is why we are giving you reasons to start putting cyptocurrency investment into consideration.

The following are the reasons why you should consider investing in cryptocurency;

  1. Cryptocurrency is decentralized

If you don’t like a monopolistic operation, then believe me, this is the most convenient investment choice for you.

Cryptocurrency empowers citizens to have control over their operations. Having private wallets gives you full authority over your money. At this point, not even a bank can take it from you, you own the server!

Because cryptocurrency is decentralized, no single authority has control over it. You own the currency as long as you invest in it. This is the most important part of crypto because all other electronic cash systems are owned by someone other than the users.

  1. Accessible to everyone at lower fees

Everyone can easily access crypto and create an account online. It doesn’t matter where you are; crypto market is always readily available. In Kenya, a mobile based money transfer system, M-PESA recently announced a bitcoin device and now people own Bitcoin Wallet in Kenya.

Cryptocurrency allows registered users to conduct financial transactions at any given moment at any location.

Besides, the current crypto investment accounts allow investors to have access to a variety of digital assets that they can choose from. You can also benefit from the insurance policy and lower fees for your transactions.

  1. Much higher returns like never before

The rate of return investment in cryptocurrency is simply incredible. Let’s say you invested $ 20,000 in the year 2016, your total investment would be around $ 23, 200. With bitcoin, it would be higher returns than that. The rate at which your funds will be accumulating with cryptocurrency is crazy. Crypto investment is just one of its own kinds!

  1. Portfolio diversity

Are you willing to diversify your investment portfolio? Well, it will be more convenient with crypto coins. It is however important for you to understand how each of the crypto coins operates. This makes portfolio diversification an art that you have to master before making investment.

Have you ever had a thought of waking up one day only to find all your investment are lost simply because you invested in just one asset? Make use of cryptocurrency assets before it’s too late! Venture into more coins for better investment returns.

Combining bitcoin and ethereum, for instance, is a great way to diversify your portfolio with cryptocurrency.  This gives you a chance to spread your capital across many different assets which in turn minimizes your losses.

 High security

Cryptocurrency funds are highly secured and can only be accessed by the owner of the private key. It is guided by a strong cryptography system that makes it impossible to be accessed by frauds and hackers.

Furthermore, you don’t really have to ask for a permission to access your account. It is just a software that anyone can download from the internet and install. There is no gatekeeper that can prevent you to conduct transactions with bitcoins or any other crypto coin.


All in all, cryptocurrency is a volatile and a dynamic industry for investment and you need to master the art of diversifying your investment portfolio. Its volatility is quite challenging, but once you understand how cryptocurrency and its entire assets works, you can be sure of much higher returns like never before!

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