United Nations Says CAR Faces Dreadful Humanitarian Plight


Because of the violence rocking the Central African Republic, the nation faces a dire humanitarian situation. Due to high insecurity, Cameroon’s main supply route that the country uses to transport basic food is blocked. When the fighting caused the closure of that pathway, humanitarian deliveries desperately needed by the people in CAR could not come into the nation. Furthermore, the prices for basic food in the region have soared since no extra stock is coming in.

The United Nations spokesman Stephane Dujarric announced that the CAR could be headed into a dreadful situation. Mr. Stephane reported that hunger would soon affect 2.3 million people living in the country. He also added that the assessments of the CAR had already revealed that numerous individuals were already suffering from severe malnutrition.

Because of the food shortage in the Central African Republic, around 200,000 people have already fled their homes in less than two months. The individuals have become displaced both inside and outside the Central African Republic. Some of those running away have reportedly made it as far as Congo from the Central African Republic. Additionally, authorities in CAR report that over 13,200 people have crossed into Cameroon, the Republic of Congo, and Chad. With the situation getting worse in CAR, authorities expect more people to continue to arrive in other countries.

Former President Francois Bozize Responsible for Unrest

Several government and United Nations officials have blamed Central African Republic’s former President Francois Bozize for the violence in the CAR. These officials believe that the rebels act under the former leader’s direction because he was angry with the constitutional court’s rejection of his candidacy. Because the court made that decision, Mr. Bozize could not challenge President Faustin-Archange Touadera in the elections. And because it seemed that President Faustin would win the election, Mr. Bozize sought to cause electoral unrest, which could end in him seizing power.

U.N and government officials say Bozize aimed to overthrow the institutions of the Republic and end the democratic process with the attacks. Most of Bozize’s party officials have denied that the leader is working with the rebels. But a few in the group have implied that they are acting together with the rebels.

Dire Humanitarian Situation in CAR

Because the fighting persists in CAR, the leading cause of the current deteriorating humanitarian situation is the insecurity along the road link to Cameroon. Around 1,600 trucks, including 500 with humanitarian supplies are stuck at the border since December. This has caused a permanent suspension of imports in the central African Republic. Due to this, basic foodstuffs like cassava, oil, rice, and meat cannot reach CAR and have increased in price. The situation has already started impacting several markets in the CAR. Most of these markets, including the one in the country’s capital Bangui, have closed because of the impossibility of traders to restock.

The United Nations is appealing for $444.7 million to assist the people in the Central African Republic. Some of those who have fled to other nations are living in dire conditions. Most of these refugees don’t have basic shelter amid facing acute food shortages. Some of the individuals have resulted to catching fish in rivers for food and depending on donations from local villagers with limited resources.



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