WHO Envoy says Coronavirus Will stalk the Human Race for a Long Time


Coronavirus long-term impacts.

During a press briefing, David Nabarro, a special representative of the WHO stated humans will suffer amid the coronavirus pandemic. He cautioned the socio-economic activities across the globe will decline unless they discover a suitable vaccine.

“We think it’s going to be a virus that stalks the human race for quite a long time to come until we can all have a vaccine to protect us,” Dr. David Nabarro, a representative for the WHO, told NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Despite the warning, President Donald Trump plans to revive the economic activities in the US as from next month.US has confirmed a total of 530000 coronavirus cases and a total death toll of 20608. This is just a part of the 1.7 million global cases of the corona.

US President Donald Trump threatens to cut funding World Health Organization amid the corona pandemic.

The President of the United States threatened to withdraw from funding the World health agency. It was during a press conference on Friday when President Trump confidently addressed that the US will cut funding $500 million which it donates yearly to the agency. He said they would revisit the issue the following week.

The President accused WHO of responding slowly when the pandemic first hit China. He said the US is under attack because of delayed action. Trump blames the agency for being ‘China-centric. ’He said because they didn’t prioritize the virus, they failed to declare the virus as a pandemic on time.

As such carriers started spreading the virus during travels. Similarly, other spectators like the Japanese Prime Minister, Taroaso also condemn WHO for basing their judgment on information they received from China. Insubordination has cost many lives.

A turn of events as Republicans hit back at Trump.

There was a turn of events after Trump publicly accused WHO for relying on misinformation from China.US nationalities and leaders blamed him for also delaying in protecting the people of America. They said instead of focusing on his citizens initially, all he did was focusing on the virus as a china virus. Due to weak defense, the virus secured territory in the US and currently is spreading like wildfire.

World Health Organization reacts after Trump threatens to cut off funding.

There were mixed reactions after President Trump warned against the withdrawal of support funds. Commentators did not regard the comment as a polite gesture and of course, hit back at him.

Nabarro didn’t receive the news with much pleasure. He said it would be quite unfortunate to end their long-term relationship and partnership. Especially since the agency appreciated the collaboration and the support they received from the US.

The senior advisor to the Chief Director of WHO, Dr. Bruco Aylward defended the agency saying its relationship with China was of significance. Especially since the virus originated in China and so they needed to comprehend its nature. He said that they not only collect information from China but also other hit countries like Italy.

The agency’s regional director, Dr. Hans Klugo also stated that it wasn’t the right time for Trump to cut off support. Because WHO was relying on the funds to help control cases amid the corona pandemic.



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