UN agency says 35 migrants rescued off Libyan coast

UN agency says 35 migrants rescued off Libyan coast
UN agency says 35 migrants rescued off Libyan coast

But the International Organization for Migration condemned the return of the people to the ‘unsafe’ city of Tripoli. Thousands of Libyan migrants are trying to reach Europe through the great waters of the Mediterranean Sea. While thousands have also been salvaged by NGOs in search of rescue victims. This dominant immigration is becoming a concern and the European government, together with coastguards and the EU navy has become more active to stem the human tide.

A commercial ship rescued a group of immigrants attempting to escape from Libya in the great sea waters after their journey intercepted. As such it embarks them back to Tripoli, the country’s capital. However, members from the International Migration Organization were not pleased about their return for Tripoli is considered unsafe attributed to the ongoing chaos.

Why is Libya rendered an unsafe country?

They render Libya as an unsafe country attributing to the violence among its citizens and authority. This is because of a famous uprising that took part in the death of their dictator ruler, Gaddafi Muammar. Since then, the north African country has been insecure. Majority of the Libyans are migrating from their home country across the Mediterranean to Europe in search of greener pastures. This is because violence amongst themselves has an economy. There is a predominant food shortage.


Libyan emigrants are being swallowed by international waters of Mediterranean

As much as they have reported many cases of survivors. Most of the escapees have not made it out. Nonetheless, what happened to them remains unclear. To escape, these migrants are exposed to sea dangers especially as that is their only transition point. For instance, during October’s last year,19000 escapees who boarded an unsafe illegal rubber boat perished in the great waters. It remains unclear whether they drowned or just disappeared.

Furthermore, following last week’s travel, a dinghy boat packed with 91 migrants sailing to Europe also went missing. There are not yet any reports on what happened but rather assumptions are made that they drowned.


Attempts to prevent Libyans from sailing to Europe

Following numerous deaths in an attempt to sail out of Libya, possible measures are being adopted. Migrant movements across the coasts are prohibited. As such the EU navy, coastguards and other forces are constantly monitoring the Mediterranean. This is because the rescue missions by NGOs encourage the Libyans to sail in the dangerous waters in illegal vessels. Nonetheless, rights groups are complaining that these restrictions have left the Libyans at the mercies of armed groups who confine them in detention centers and leave them to go hungry and thirsty for days.

Member countries have agreed to halt illegal smuggling of emigrants. This is through deploying military ships in the great sea other than the surveying aircrafts that were initially used. This is to uphold the previously disregarded UN embargo. Through this, they are positive that not only will the relentless Libyan violence come to an end but also the migration.



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