Uhuru Faces Leadership test as Covid-19 Burden rest on his Shoulders


Following the rapid spread of the COVID-19, President Uhuru Kenyatta is facing hard leadership times. At the moment, more than one hundred and fifty Kenyans tested positive for the virus. Consequently, Kenya reports four death cases. The situation in hand has called for strict measures including, countrywide lockdown, curfews as well as the travel ban.

Now the president must explain the reasons behind the closure of Nairobi entry routes. According to the news, the president addresses the issue in a vernacular radio station.  As a result, Kenyans have raised questions about why he did it in a home radio station. Additionally, the Internal Cabinet Secretary, Fred Matiangi is also emphasizing on the measure.

Kenya desperate to contain COVID-19

Most of the leaders are now at toes to make sure every community in Kenya imposes the necessary measures. The State House spokesman, Kanze Mararo, says that more leaders have been sent to their relevant vernacular stations to create awareness. At the moment, Nairobi has the highest cases of the Coronavirus. Now, most Kenyans are under lockdown to curb the spread.

According to the survey done, Nairobi records a population of around nine million people in a day.  As a result, the government has to decide whether to go for total lockdown or restrict movement merely. In a session, the president urges all the Nairobi residents to follow the outlaid measures. He says it is crucial as it will prevent the spread of the virus to other counties.

The president is also angry at some leaders who are not taking the measures seriously.  For instance, he says that he ordered the arrest Kilifi Deputy Governor, Gideon Saburi. The primary reason for the arrest order is because the governor refused to quarantine himself for two weeks. President Uhuru Kenyatta says that such actions endanger the lives of many. At the moment, Mr. Gideon is now under prosecution for defying the outlaid measures.

Investigation of Gideon case

The president is annoyed by governor Saburis’ actions. He hopes Gideon gets at least ten years of imprisonment as a lesson for his carelessness. The president wonders how a leader can behave in such a manner; he also adds that Gideon’s power won’t guard him against the consequences. His statement came one day after Noordin Haji, the director of prosecutions, requested the detaining of Mr. Saburi.

Gideon says he refused to be isolated because there was no test showing he was positive for COVID-19. Furthermore, he claims that he did not infect anyone with the virus. The Kilifi governor is now detained at Manyani Maximum Prison as authorities finalize on investigations.  Besides, the government has set a jail term for three years or fifty thousand Kenyan shillings fine.


The bottom line, the president says that people coming to Nairobi for medical help should not be punished but assisted. Furthermore, he says the government is concerned about those who are entering the county without a genuine reason. For the elderly, he has instructed chiefs to note the names of those who have not been getting money. Traders, as well as transporters of farm produce, are guaranteed a free pass into Nairobi.





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