Ugandan Forces Finally Detract from Wine’s Home


Uganda’s main opposition, Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine has been under house arrest, courtesy of Ugandan authorities. His arrest came a day after he publicly challenged Uganda’s electoral commission and alleged voter malpractice. The state defended detaining him under claims of hindering the country’s peace. For the past eleven days, Mr. Kyagulanyi has not interacted with the outside world. Wine`s rights have been infringed, and he claims that his life is at risk.

Court Orders Officers to Leave Wine’s Residence

On Monday, Uganda’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of Bobi Wine. He ordered the officers to leave Mr. Wine’s residence immediately. The judge condemned the authorities for unlawfully holding the candidate under housing arrest following a disputed election. The judge stated that Wine’s home was not a proper detention facility. Mr. Wine, who lost the 2021 Presidential elections, has not been able to leave his house since the 14th of January.

According to Ugandan authorities, Mr. Wine could only leave his home or the outskirts of the capital under military escort because they feared his presence in public could trigger protests. While reacting to the verdict, US Embassy tweeted that the judge’s ruling underscores an impartial judiciary role. And it stressed that Washington called on the security forces to honor the judgment. UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric also remarked that it was important for the security forces to show restraint and obey the order.

Wine’s associated welcomed the verdict with a lot of excitement. And now, what they anticipate is the authorities living up to the judge’s decision. Ugandan policemen announced that they would retreat from Wine’s residence following the order. However, they won’t stop surveilling the area. Yet, they did not pull away immediately as Mr. Wine complained that they were still all over his compound hours after the judgment.

“The military still surrounds military still surrounds my home, blocking access to all,” he wrote on Twitter.

Why Was Wine Detained?

Earlier this month, Ugandans had cast their Presidential elections, hoping to elect their chosen leader. As results started streaming in, Mr. Kyagulanyi alleged that the votes had been rigged. He called on his supporters not to allow any form of irregularities and to protest. This comes after Mr. Wine and his supporters have undergone intimidation from Ugandan police officers during the campaign period.

Mr. Kyagulanyi even claimed that he had evidence to prove that his primary rival, President Museveni, and his team had stuffed ballot boxes. However, these accusations threatened the Ugandan government and designed to keep Mr. Kyagulanyi under house arrest.

Although Wine has not decided yet whether he would petition the election results, authorities are still keeping a close watch on him. It happens that his presence in public might steer strikes. More so, some of his supporters already succumbed while trying to challenge the election results by starting protests.

Officers Leave Wine’s Home

Recent reports revealed that Ugandan forces already left Mr. Wines abode. However, they are still keeping tabs on him in case he attempts anything fishy. Meanwhile, the high court also stated that in case Mr. Wine threatens peace through inciting demonstrations, then the Ugandan authorities had the permission to arrest him.



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