Ugandan Athlete Tests Positive for Coronavirus in Tokyo


Since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, a lot of the usual events have not been happening. Either the concerned authorities postponed the events or canceled them. The Tokyo Olympics scheduled for Fri, 23rd Jul 2021 – Sun, 8th Aug 2021 did not occur last year due to the pandemic but is going ahead in Japan. However, there are cases where some people want the Games to be called off. The officials of the Games assure everybody that it would be secure and safe. According to estimates, over 10000 athletes from different regions, including Uganda, will be at the grand event.

Covid-19 in Japan

Japan is experiencing a fresh new wave of Covid-19 cases, but the Games will still carry on. On 20th June, Tokyo reported over 366 cases of Covid-19 and one death, 72 more than a week ago, according to the privately-owned The Asahi Shimbun newspaper. According to Reuters, only about 16 percent of Japan’s population has received a Covid-19 vaccination dose so far. On Friday, officials and volunteers working on the Games began receiving vaccinations.

Covid-19 in Uganda

Just like Japan, Uganda is also experiencing an increase in cases of Covid-19. The Ugandan government thereafter tightened the lockdown measures to curb the spread of the disease.

President Yoweri Museveni declared a ban on-road travel, with the exception of vehicles transporting tourists and emergency and other essential service workers. He also ordered the closure of schools, universities, and places of worship for more than 40 days. Mr. Museveni stated that the restrictions were necessary due to the virus’s more aggressive and sustained growth. According to him, the daily number of people testing positive has risen from less than 100 to more than 1,500 in the last 3 weeks.

The President further stated:

“We are seeing very high hospitalization and death rates for COVID patients of all ages.”

One Ugandan tests positive

According to reports, the unnamed Ugandan was part of a 9-member squad who had all been fully vaccinated. Before leaving UG, the group, which included boxers, coaches, and officials, had also tested negative. However, one of them tested positive upon arrival at Tokyo’s Narita airport on Saturday and went into quarantine at a government-designated facility, according to the local media. The rest of the team boarded a chartered bus for Osaka, Japan, where they would train ahead of the Games. The Ugandans were the second group of foreign athletes to arrive for pre-competition training. On June 1st, the Australian women’s softball team arrived.

What about the Spectators?

Due to the rising cases of infections, the Games officials have banned foreign spectators to curb virus spread. Furthermore, the game’s authorities are expected to make a decision on domestic or local spectators on Monday. According to recent reports, only 10000 local fans will be at the Tokyo Olympics.

Everyone is anticipating the Tokyo Olympics. Most people are hoping that everything will go as planned. The general public, on the other hand, maintains a high level of skepticism or doubt about the Games.



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