Trevor Noah to play tennis against Roger Federer, Bill Gates, in South Africa


The double match teams

Trevor Noah defied Bill Gates, the world’s prominent billionaire Microsoft co-founder to a doubles tennis match. This was through an earlier tweet suggestion on the next game by him. Bill Gates was hesitant and consented to the challenge for his immediate words to Trevor the following day was ‘bring it on’. Trevor Noah is renowned for his comic act following his personality on ‘The Daily Show’ as a host. The lad is, however, a man of the people since he started pursuing comedy and, as a result, rating on his comic acts soars concerning his satirical show. The double match will comprise each a team of two, in which Bill Gates will pair with Roger Federer and Trevor Noah with Nadal.

Both Nadal and Federer won the 39 Grand Slam though Federer holds the record for the first leading grand slam champion. The battle which, will strike on 7th February. Masses purchased tickets in spurs of a moment because of the desire to watch the duo match. The battle will occur in cape town stadium, with a capacity enough to accommodate around 50000 spectators. The tennis champs are not only enthusiastic about the match but view it as an opportunity to set another record of the most spectated tennis match.

Trevor proclaims victory

Trevor is overconfident that he and Nadal are sure to emerge triumphant over their opponents. He attributes his certainty to the fact that they would have the utmost patronage from the spectators. Because South Africa is his motherland and optimistic, the South Africans would be patriotic to him. Hence such motivation results in victory. He remains positive about hill ally Nadal who is a guru in the game. Whilst Trevor remains positive of conquering, they find out his rivals of the vice versa.

This is so because Trevor’s profile in tennis isn’t encouraging at all for its poorly documented. He is to play against Bill Gates, who has quite an upgraded profile in the game. The billionaire is no sprawl in the court for his earlier exposure has enhanced his prowess. Both him and Federer have taken part in Swiss Superstar charity matches around the world and emerged victors. Therefore, the game of Africa is like a spool back other than that Federer would compete against his rival and friend Nadal. Federer is also positive he would be spectated as his mother is from South Africa by origin.

Unity among the rival friends

The match being excluded, Federer is excited about his tour to South Africa. The thought of spending time with his friend amazes him. He states that having Roger as his tour guide is something; he takes pleasure in.

“Travelling with him to Cape Town and playing for the benefit of children is something I am very excited about. It will be my first time in the region with Roger as a tour guide – that will be fun.”

Support the less fortunate

The main aim of hosting the African match in cape town is, however, the need to support education for the less fortunate children. This is basically to help the children improve their status in life. The tennis champs are supportive of the effect, for they take pride involving in such philanthropic acts.

” We share not only the love for tennis but also for the excellent cause of giving children a better start in education and in life.”


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