Coronavirus Transmission During Pregnancy is Possible but Rarely

Corona virus transmission during pregnancy is possible but rarely
Corona virus transmission during pregnancy is possible but rarely

According to the reports by Chinese scientists on Thursday. The transfer of the Coronavirus from mother to child is possible but in rare cases. The scientist team examined thirty-three, pregnant women, from Wuhan China, and unfortunately found out that three babies may be infected with the Covid-19 virus.

The Chinese scientists have reported their findings in the American Medical Association Pediatrics journal. They said that the virus transmission might have taken place during birth or respiratory tracts. As per the news, the three babies were males, and they were delivered with Covid-19 because their mothers were infected. Besides, the mothers had pneumonia.

Mother to child transmission

Chinese medical specialists say it is vital to screen expectant women and impose strict control measures and quarantine for infected mothers. They urge doctors to monitor the newborn closely as the virus may pass from mother to child, especially during delivery.  The experts said that the transmission might occur during the process of childbirth through the placenta. Vertical transmission, as they call it, is clear because they detected the virus in a newborn thirty hours after birth.

According to Chinese scientists, one of the babies was delivered prematurely because of fetal misery and required recovery. The other two are timely delivered, but they experienced fever and tiredness. As per the reporters, both babies undergo treatment in the Intensive Care Unit. On the sixth day, they tested negative for the Coronavirus.

The prematurely born baby experienced severe illness, including shortness of breath, sepsis, and pneumonia. He was treated too at the Intensive Care Unit, and his condition resolved.  The experts gave him caffeine, antibiotics as well as exposure to fresh air. The child tested negative for Covid-19 on the seventh day of life.

 There is hope

Despite the rapid spread of the deadly Coronavirus and speculations of mother to child transmission, there is still hope as the three babies survived. Since the passage is possible but rare. Experts who help mothers to deliver are urged to apply higher precautionary measures when going through the activity.  Specialists hope to avoid infections caused by the postnatal and perinatal transmissions by using C-section for delivery.

According to the news, only one of the pregnant mothers adopted vaginal delivery, and the baby was healthy. Besides, authors say that further investigations are underway to check other aspects of potential Covid-19 infection in newborns and children. In that perspective, researchers have collected additional samples from newborns, including amniotic fluid, neonatal blood, gastric fluid, and placenta, to identify potential receptors for the virus.


Following the rapid spread of the Coronavirus, it is high time for us to take necessary precautions in all sides. Let us not panic, but take outlaid measures by the World Health Organization to minimize the transmission and the fatality rates due to the virus. If diagnosed with the infection, it is best to isolate yourself and seek health care as to recover. For instance, over one hundred million people across the globe have recovered from Covid-19.




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