Tips to Know During the Coronavirus Pandemic


Coronavirus is rampantly spreading across the globe, affecting millions of people. Daily research show upsurge in new cases and deaths. The virus is tearing down the global economy. Since the virus is there to stay, experts advise people to adapt to the safety precautionary measures.

According to research analysis, COVID-19 comes in handy with many symptoms. However, not all corona patients exhibit symptoms because some are asymptomatic. Such carriers are most dangerous because they may unknowingly spread the virus. Some major corona symptoms include fever, shortness of breath, and cough. The Centers for Disease Control confirmed that out of the 164 corona patients, at least one experienced one symptom. Whereas, around 45% experienced the three symptoms. CDC’s latest research reveals vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea as the latest corona symptoms.

Often, corona symptoms appear 14 days after exposure. However, there are exceptional cases during which symptoms appear two days after exposure.

Protective Measures amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Regardless of contracting or not having the virus, everyone should strive for safety. Some of these safety precautions include:

Sanitize and Cover Face While Coughing

Good hygiene is significant during the pandemic. The sanitization of hand is vital to avoid contracting the virus. Other than sanitizing, one can also wash hands with soap through thoroughly scrubbing the fingers and thumbs to kill germs.

While coughing, experts advise people to use handkerchiefs or cough in their elbow. The virus can spread through cough droplets of an infected person.

Social Distancing

Amid the pandemic, it is essential to maintain physical distance and avoid social gatherings. The rule is staying six feet apart. This way, one prevents the virus from spreading.

Wearing Face Masks

Cloth masks play an important role in curbing the virus. More so, it keeps people safe from asymptomatic corona patients. Therefore, when in public, everyone should have their masks on. However, children under two years or people with breathing problems are an exception.

Stay At Home

Avoid outdoor activities since they minimize the chances of getting the virus. Preferably, if one can work from home, make use of the opportunity. If necessary, people should only leave their homes when buying necessities like food.

Stay in a Clean Environment

People should ensure surfaces in their homes are clean and dust-free. They should regularly use detergents so that they live in a clean environment to keep germs away.

What to Do When Exposed Or With Coronavirus

Many are scared of getting the virus. However, if one suspects they are exposed or have tested for the virus, it is essential to remain calm. Instead of freaking out, one should eat well, stay hydrated, and have enough sleep.

One should stay at home if he or she gets exposed to the virus. They should refrain from public transport and areas with many people. That way, they minimize contact with other people hence control the virus if they are active carriers.

Self-isolation is essential for at least 14 days when one suspects they were exposed. However, while sharing a room with others, it is important to wear a mask. This way, one doesn’t endanger others. Also, it is vital not to share items like spoons, cups, and plates with others when sick.

Experts advise that unless one is sure or feels so sick should they seek medical advice. It is unwise to go to the hospital is one suspects to have corona. One should first monitor his or her symptoms. Moreover, in case they visit the hospital, they should isolate before confirming the results.

There are two types of coronavirus test; viral and antibody tests. Viral tests are more efficient than antibody tests. Mostly doctors administer viral tests to patients with corona symptoms or exposed to infected persons. The results are always out in a few days. Meanwhile, doctors conduct antibody tests to confirm whether one is carrying the virus in their blood. This test is usually quick, although not so accurate.




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