Zuliswa Maqana Miraculously Recovers from Coronavirus


The coronavirus is still a headache that the world is undergoing. It has claimed many lives and its cases are rising every day. However, the good news is that the medics are striving to save lives as there is a significant number of recoveries. Zuliswa Maqana Miraculously Recovers from the virus.

Imagine of contracting the virus and recover later. The joy one expresses is beyond understanding. There is a story of a South African woman who recovered from the coronavirus. She was extremely happy that she did not lose her life.

The Story Of Zuliswa Maqana

Zuliswa Maqana went to the hospital on May 4th. By then she was 48 years old only. Zuliswa had extremely severe symptoms. The symptoms of coronavirus are fever, headache among others. The woman spent more than 50 days in the intensive care unit. Cumulatively, she spent about 77 days in the facility.

Maqana recovered and was dancing vigorously as she came out of the medical facility in Western Cape province. The medical staff at the GSH encouraged her as they helped her out of the hospital.

Alan Winde Shares Her Story On Social Media

Alan Winde, the provincial premier, took the step to share Zuliswa’s amazing story on his social media platforms. Alan mentioned the toughness of the woman and the medical staff. The doctors are the ones who are at the forefront of combating this deadly unseen enemy. The provincial premier says that nobody expected the woman to dance gracefully out of the medical building.

The Stats Of Coronavirus in South Africa as at 21st July

South Africa is one of the African countries that has the highest number of coronavirus cases. The country has hospitals that are of the highest standards and the doctors are highly professional in their work. As of late July, SA had over 380000 cases of coronavirus, 5568 fatalities, and over 200000 recoveries. The medics have conducted over 2.5 million tests. This number of tests is higher than most neighboring countries indicating that SA is conducting rapid tests.


Affected Provinces in South Africa

There is more than 1 province that the virus has impacted strongly. They are Gauteng, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, and Kwa Zulu Natal.

Zuliswa’s Comments after Recovery

She thanks the Groote Schuur for its good services and attending to her. The woman says that the doctors who treated her were extremely nice.


Maqana says:

“Thank you so much to Groote Schuur. Everybody was so nice to me and the health attendants were wonderful. I’m so happy with the treatment I got at GSH. I did not know what day it was when I arrived at the hospital. I could not move for weeks but the hospital staff aided me to learn to walk again after 77 days.”

Dr. Henri’s Views

He is a general surgeon at GSH. He says:

“The medical care she received changed her into the happy patient who danced out of the hospital on 20th July.”

The story of Zuliswa Maqana is very encouraging. It proves that through God’s power, the world is going to conquer the situation.


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