Coronavirus Disease Updates in Nigeria


The whole world is focusing on coronavirus disease and finding a way to stop the virus. cases of the virus are rising every day as it affects more sectors around the globe. For example, the education sector has lost a lot this year. On the other hand, the health sector is the one that is experiencing more weight as hospitals are full and health workers are even contracting the disease. Governments are confused because they do not know whether to relax or tighten measures. This is because as soon as they relax the measures the cases of the coronavirus surge to higher rates forcing them to reverse.

However, countries like the US are still moving forward in reopening their economies despite the large numbers. It has reached a time whereby people are less fearing the disease and deciding to their normal routines as they are tired of the measures. The question is, is it worth the risk yet

Nigeria and Coronavirus Disease

By the end of June, the country was 3rd in rank in the number of coronavirus cases. The federal government still advocates for regulation measures while the state government is relaxing the measures.

International Flights Still Prohibited

There have been several questions on when the international flights might resume operations. There were rumors concerning the date of resumption but Hadi, the aviation minister, denies the rumored date on the resumption of flights. It all started when NAMA gave a 3-month notice to NOTAM and the media misinterpreted the notice to be a resuming date. Domestic flights had already resumed their activities.

NCDC Updates and Top Official Tests Positive

The NCDC declared the construction of new labs totaling the number to 58. Geoffrey, the foreign minister, contracted the virus as he tested positive. He went on to Twitter to say his result came from his new test.

Increase In The Case Load and Recoveries Surpass 13000

As of July 13th, the number of coronavirus cases was over 30000 and recoveries at 13447. The death toll was over 700. The states and the capital of the country have recorded thousands of cases since the 1st case. Lagos has over 12000 cases, FCT over 2500, Edo state recorded 1731 and Kaduna had less 1000 cases.

Introduction of a New Diagnostic Kit

The federal government came up with a kit called RNA Swift. Alex says the kit is native in nature, designed and accepted in the country for locating the SARS-Cov-2. It is less expensive in comparison to the previous kit. Besides, it is accurate. NABDA, NCDC, and NIMR worked together towards the successful project.

Coronavirus and the Education Sector in Nigeria

Not only has the coronavirus affected Nigerian education but also other countries such as Kenya. Kenya has lost the 2020 academic year as the primary and secondary students are to report in school in 2021. The colleges and universities might reopen on September 1st if they are able to meet the MOH standards.

In Nigeria, the federal government put off the reopening of learning institutions. There is also cancellation of the regional exams of the final year students. However, the Oyo state resumed their learning activities despite warnings from the federal government.


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