The Top 20 Most Talented African Dancers

The Top 20 Most Talented African Dancers
The Most Talented Dancers in Africa. DisPlore Images

Dance is one activity that is making a difference in the entertainment industry, especially here in Africa. Ever wondered who invented dance moves like Kupe, Gwara Gwara, and Shaku Shaku to Pilolo that have penetrated all parts of the world as lovers of African dance move rhythmically to the groove? Here is a list of 20 most talented African dancers that are waving the African flag to greatness globally.

  1. Triplet Ghetto Kids (Uganda)

The dance group comprises children who lived in the slums of Katwe and were founded in 2014 by their manager Dauda Kavuma. The dance group rose to fame after they featured in a video by Ugandan sensation artist Eddy Kenzo’s “Sitya Loss,” a hit single that received warm reception worldwide. Their dance moves are a fuse of Contemporary, Hip hop, and Afro beats that have seen the talented kids move to different places and feature on shows such as the Jimmy Falcon show and a feature in French Montana Swae Lee’s “Unforgettable” music video.

The most talented African dancers

2. Nqobilé Ntshangase Danseur (South Africa)

Nqobilé Ntshangase Danseur is a South African born dancer, and one-third of the famous CEO dancers met fame at a reality Television show known as Britain’s Got Talent in 2013. Commonly known as “Nqobilé Danseur,” the dancer had found an opportunity to wave the African flag up as the group was semi-finalists at the Tv show. The show opened doors as she even left school to go on tour with Rihanna and Drake. Since then, her story and love for dance are at the peak as she takes the Afro beats dance genre internationally.

The most talented African dancers

3. Lloyd Konadu (Ghana)

Lloyd Konadu, commonly known as “Dance god Lloyd,” was born in Westminster, Ghana, on May 25th, 1992, and his love for dance has seen him choreograph and be an inspiration to the young generation in Ghana. Lloyd earned recognition when he represented the management company Lite Up Q17 Dynasty. Lloyd Konadu is popularly known for his dances in Afro beats and Hip Hop. He has had him featured in a couple of music videos and co-own dance academies that include Dance with a Purpose and the Rock Star Dance Academy.

Most Talented African Dancers

4. Iziegbe Odigie (Nigeria)

The Nigerian-born dancer based in the United States of America is a choreographer who noticed after she danced to Uganda’s Eddy Kenzo’s “Sitya Loss” that hit over 20 million views in 2015. Iziegbe Odigie, stage name “Izzy,” is also a co-founder of Trybe dancerz, a female African dance group, and with her dance genre being Afro-fusion, the dancer has created viral choreographs in several music videos and on her social platforms. 

Most Talented African dancers

5. Amofa Michael (Ghana)

Amofa Michael is a Dance Artist and Choreographer from Accra, Ghana, known to be the brains behind dance moves like Pilolo, Ena, and Kupe, and dancer to his “Afro Zig” dance group. Amofa Michael is known as “Incredible Zigi” for his dance creations have been incorporated by celebrities like Janet Jackson in their dance choreography and performances. Michael dances to Hip hop dance and Afro dance.

The most talented African dancers

6. Ikorodu Talented Kids (Nigeria)

Ikorodu Talented Kids started their journey after Seyi Oluyole’s organization The Dream Catchers went to a children’s home and taught them to dance. They lived in the slums of Ikorodu in Lagos. The dancers made it to fame after a video of the kids dancing was shared by celebrities like Diddy, Naomi Campbell, and Rihanna. Ikorodu Kids have continued to be sensations in Afro beats and contemporary dance genres. 

The most talented African dancers

7. Meka Oku (Nigeria)

Meka Oku is a Nigerian dancer based in the United States of America that picked interest in dance after being inspired by Michael Jackson’s music videos. Meka Oku’s break to fame came after his free choreography, “Gwara Gwara,” class that gave him attention worldwide for his dance moves. Meka Oku is known for his Hip hop, and Afro beats dance genre.

The most talented African dancers

8. Masaka Kids Africana (Uganda)

Masaka Kids are dance groups composed of Ugandan African children that melt hearts through their charming smiles and vibrant dance moves. After making a dance cover to Eddy Kenzo’s songs, the dance group broke through after making a dance that gave them exposure. Masaka Kids are known for their dance moves that carry a fusion of Afro-beats and the contemporary.

The most talented African dancers

9. Samuel Kyei (Ghana)

Samuel Kyei is known for his versatility in dance because of his ability to fuse dance genres. Commonly known as “Hooliboy,” talent and passion for dance have seen the young ambitious dancer find balance in dance genres such as Afro beats, Kizomba, Hip Hop, and lastly, Coupé-Décalé.

The most talented African dancers

10. Petit Afro (Tanzania)

Petit Afro is a professional afro dancer and choreographer. He was born in Tanzania, and his passion for dance has seen him a sensation on YouTube for his stunning choreographies. Petit Afro is a talented dancer known for his Afro beats and Afro-house dance style shared worldwide through his workshops.

The most talented African dancers

11. Nandala Mathew (Uganda)

Nandala Mathew is a Ugandan born dancer and choreographer based in china who is very popular for his versatility in dance and the dynamic dance moves that have seen him stand out among Africa’s different dances. Nandala Mathew is a founder of dance group IDU and rose to fame after participating in a couple of dance shows that saw him feature in various Ugandan music videos before he left for China, where he has trained a couple of prominent dancers around the world.

Nandala Mathew (Uganda)

12. Aaron Nobert (Cameroon)

Aaron Nobert is a Cameroonian dancer and teacher of Afro-beat who has mastered his craft in dance that has seen him work and choreograph a dance for prominent artists worldwide, such as Davido’s “If” music video. Aaron Nobert made it to the scene after he started to share his works on the internet that grew attention, and recognized many in the Entertainment industry.

Aaron Nobert (Cameroon)

13. Sherrie Silver (Rwanda)

Sherrie Silver was born in Rwanda before she relocated to the United Kingdom in around 1999. Silver is an activist, actress, dancer, and choreographer but majorly known as a dancer and choreographer that worked on the “This Is America” music video by Childish Gambino. Sherrie is an award-winning choreographer recognized by MTV Video Music Awards after she won in the category of Best Choreographer in the mentioned awards. Silver still blossoms as her works feature in various movies such as Guava Land, among others.

Sherrie Silver (Rwanda)

14. Pãizinho Reis Manuel Fernando (Angola)

Fernando Reis is an Angolan choreographer, teacher, and dancer currently based in the Netherlands. He is known for his popular dance fusion in Afro mix. Fernando is known for his versatility; however, his dance style is affiliated to Afro beats, Hip hop, and Contemporary. He shares his passion worldwide through collaborations with his few dancers.

Pãizinho Reis Manuel Fernando (Angola)

15. Kafayat Oluwatoyin Shafau (Nigeria)

Popularly known for her stage name, “Kaffy” is a fitness coach, choreographer, dancer, and founder of the Imagneto Dance Company instructor, born in Nigeria. Kaffy is known for her outstanding performances both on stage. Her choreography works towards music videos and has also worked with artists like Seyi shay, Tiwa Savage, and Olamide. Kafayat Oluwatoyin Shafau danced along with her dance group for over 136 hours to win the Guinness Book of Records for the “longest Dance Party” at the Nokia Silverbird Danceathon in 2006.

Kafayat Oluwatoyin Shafau

16. Tofo Tofo Dance Group (Mozambique)

This dance group was formerly known as “Kwela,” is found in Mozambique, composed of three talented men who own distinctive dance moves as they performed in wedding parties and private events. Tofo Tofo group rose to fame after a dance video of them dancing at a particular event was shared on the internet. Beyoncé Knowles approached the group to feature in her music video “Run the World,” which portrayed an energetic and top-notch choreography.

Tofo Tofo Dance Group

17. Krump Caliph (Ghana)

Krump Caliph is an Afrobeat sensational dancer known as “Afro beast” for his amazing dance moves. Krump is a talented lead dancer of the Niggas With Attitude (NWA), a dance group that includes two of his colleagues Amofa Micheal also known as Incredible Zigi. Lloyd Konadu, known as “Dancegod Lloyd.”

Krump Caliph

18. Zodwa Rebecca Libram (South Africa)

Zodwa Rebecca Libram, famously known as Zodwa Wabantu, is a South African media personality, socialite, and dancer. Regardless of her other occupations, Zodwa is one of the notable dancers in South Africa. Zodwa Wabantu has a few controversies about her name. She is known for performing without wearing panties and was banned from Zimbabwe and deported from Zambia for her behavior; however, she still performs in South Africa. The audience loves what she does.

Zodwa Rebecca Libram (South Africa)

19. Yoofi Greene (Ghana)

Yoofi Greene is a Ghanaian born Afro beats dancer and choreographer based in southern China known for his electrifying dance moves and his groove to the music through his dance and choreographies. Yoofi Greene has worked with prominent artists such as Mr. Eazi, among others, as he is best known for his dance styles, such as Afro beats, Hip hop, and Azonto. He continues to share the African culture with the world through his body movements.

Yoofi Greene (Ghana)

20. Cedric Nkolele (South Africa)

Cedric Nkolele is a South African dance and Choreographer familiar to your eyes because he has featured in music duo Mafikizolo’s music video as a dancer and choreographer. Cedric became popular in the dance scene after he officially appeared in Mafikizolo’s music video; he did not work with the duo and other prominent South African artists.

Cedric Nkolele (South Africa)

There are various dancers worldwide representing the African continent in the dance fraternity and are highly recognized and appreciated for sharing the African culture with the world. The above are a few of all those African dancers.



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