6 Sight Dazzling Nigerian Waterfalls



Waterfalls are some of the most amazing natural water wonders in the world.    Waterfalls are natural descent of water from rivers which go down cliffs in a manner that presents magnificent cascades plunging down high cliffs into river-pools.

Nigeria is blessed with these natural water wonders. Its Southern, Northern, Eastern, and Western States house some of these cascades gushing down steeps fall over rocky ledges. The sights are indeed intriguing.  Here are some prominent ones should you desire to explore.

Erin-Ijesha Waterfalls

Erin Ijesha waterfall meaning ‘another deity’ was first discovered in 1140 by a woman named Akinla, one of the daughters of Oduduwa, the ancestor and founder of the Yoruba nation in Nigeria. It is located within the community axis of Erin-Oke, Erin-Ijesha, and Erinm in Osun State.

The most startling thing about the Erin Ijesha waterfall is its assembly of seven distinct falls with each providing a fresh angle to the view. Daunting tourists who desire an awe-inspiring perspective of the waterfalls climb the falls but most do not usually go beyond the third fall because of the difficulty involved. The people of Erin Ijesha town believe that the water fall from a large pot located at the seventh fall; hence, the belief in the supernatural ability of the water to heal and cleanse their souls.


Farin Ruwa Waterfall

Farin Ruwa waterfall is located in Nasarawa State, Nigeria. The fall which is about 150 meters high and 50 meters wide was first discovered in the 1950s by the colonialists. Farin Ruwa is best visited at its highpoint (April, July, August, and September months) when it becomes turbulent and roar down the hills. Its torrent is so much that it can easily be taken for white smoke; hence, its name Farin Ruwa which means ‘White Water’. The volcanic rocks and granite topography of the area make it perfect for climbing and research among others.  The forest housing the waterfall is also bird enclave. Tourists can have fun watching more than 2,500 birds from 148 species.


Gurara Waterfall

Buba, a Gwari hunter first discovered the Gurara Waterfalls in 1745 while traveling from Zaria through Minna-Suleja to hunt for animals. The 200 by 30 meters’ waterfall is thought to be an offshoot of the Gurara river, a tributary of the popular River Niger is located in Niger State, in the northern part of the country. The fall got its name from the two gods (Fura and Rara) once worshipped by the Gwaris.  It is also an amazing spot for sport fishing and wildlife viewing and activities.


Awhum Waterfall

The Awhum waterfall is located in Enugu, an Eastern State in Nigeria. The isn’t merely a waterfall. The breathtaking stretch of 300m long limestone walls and the caves engulfing the twin waterfalls are in themselves attractive. Tourists would have to walk on footpaths within the walls that narrow to the different parts of the cave. The cave is interfered by the first and smaller waterfall in just about 100m from the entrance while the second and bigger fall is located the far end of the cave.

The waterfall is managed by nearby Catholic Monastery and tourists have to get its approval to access the waterfall.


Agbokim Waterfall

Agbokim waterfall is located in southern Nigeria, approximately 315 km from Calabar in Cross-River State of Nigeria. The attractive tranquility of the waterfall makes it a first choice for neighboring tourists. The Waterfall is surrounded by green valleys and steep hills which are enveloped like a rainbow. According to history, Agbokim it was discovered by a hunter named (NTankum) on his hunting journey.

Agbokim is ideal for recreation. Some real cool pictures could be taken there especially when tourists are lucky to catch a rainbow across the waterfall at definite times of the year.

The Owu Waterfall

The Owu fall is one of the highest, with about 120 meters above sea level. The fall is located in Ifelodun LGA of Kwara State. The Owu waterfall is one of the most fascinating waterfall to visit in southwest Nigeria. It pours down from about 330 feet onto a rocky ridge of hills and lush natural vegetation. Owu fall is tagged the “wilderness wonder”.