The Qatari princess, Angelina Jolie, and the battle of the pyramids


Sudan has a long history that needs to be documented by an expert. There are rumors about the film production industry working on that, but nothing has come out yet. Rumors went viral about Angelina Jolie starring in a movie with other Hollywood stars.


The movie extends its way to Egypt’s historical happenings. The report was released by the BBC news anchor, Mohaned Hashim. He said the movie will focus more on the nation with multiple pyramids. Also, which country between Egypt and Sudan has the most powerful pyramids of all time?


The news has since gone viral on social media, mainly Twitter. These rumors from reliable sources showed that the movie will be created in Sudan. This will entail how Sudan has contributed to the civilization of its citizens, if not the rest of Africa. We have a lot of old professionals who are able to narrate all the history from the 20th century.


Even the early stages of the 21st century were tough for this country. The war between Christians and Muslims shaded much blood. Many people migrated to neighboring countries to avoid injuries. Various organization blocs tried to restore peace, but it was in vain. The war started at the end of the 20th century and took 20 years in the 21st century before everything came to order. The nation got divided into two, northern and southern Sudan.


South Sudan groups identifies themselves as Christian. The north as they draw their origin from Arabs so they are Muslim. For sure, they have shown much spirit in embracing Arab culture.


The popular Qatar film room will fund the whole movie. Some popular stars to feature in are Leonard Di Caprio and Angelina Jolie. The two have been in the film Hollywood industry for more years, and they have experience. Despite that, we have new actors from Sudan who might be featured in.


The movie will promote the hospitality and tourism industry of Sudanese.  Nubian history is full of fun. The people had a variety of cultures that were totally different from other communities in Africa.


The pictures of Sheikha Moza pyramids in Sudan went viral after they were hosted by Qatar Public Network. However, the Egyptians criticized the actions. Qatar has invested over 135 million US dollars in this project. The Egyptian people think that the video will bring stiff competition to their tourism industry.


One talk show host, Azmi Mujahid mocked the pictures of the Sudanese pyramids. This brought some controversy as Sudan’s political leaders stood up to send replies. They said that their pyramids have lived 2000 years longer than their neighbors in Egypt.


Some Sudanese went ahead to say their country has 230 pyramids, which is the largest number in Africa.


Egypt has earned many dollars from the popular pyramid of Giza. They recently completed the renovation of the South tomb of King Djoser. This showed their commitment to investing much into the tourism industry. They earn foreign exchange daily through external tourists. Over the pandemic, hospitality and tourism got a blow. That’s why countries are making moves to promote back their business.



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