The full extent of World War II damage to Big Ben discovered


World War II rendered Big Ben silent

The impacts of World War II to the iconic clock has only just been discovered. The war resulted in the destruction of Elizabeth tower famously known as the clock tower. Following the coup de tat in 1941, German aircraft released an incendiary bomb which led to the destruction of the clock tower. Nevertheless, the tower wrecked while the clock survived.


Moreover, the house of commons that happens to be located in the building also shattered. Consequently, due to the extensive demolition, Big Ben’s chimes were snuffed out so repairs could be done.

Big Ben originally purposed as a bell but with time extended to function as a clock. It has provided accurate time services in London for about 157 years. It’s quite ironic that one of the experts involved in designing it studied to be a lawyer. It was and is still regarded as an inimitable feature in London. Following its eminence, lots of guesses were made in pursuit of the name Big Ben. Many said the nemesis was obtained from the prominent sir Benjamin Hall while some said it was after a heavyweight boxer champion Benjamin Caunt. Needless sir, Benjamin Hall’s name remains encrypted in the clock.

 Big Ben’s functions

Back in time when the clock used to function, it executed remarkable tasks. Big Ben could inform the public of ongoing parliament sessions. This attributed to its ability to light during such proceedings. Such that by looking at the face of the clock one was enlightened of the ongoing debates. It also served as an accurate time reminder to the people of London for 157 years. As such it helped the people in being time conscious. Moreover, the bell was also used to mark important state events such as New Year’s Eve and commemoration Sunday.

Parliament water leak following the second world war

Following the destruction, the house of commons experienced a water leak last year; hence parliamentary proceedings have been postponed from commencing in the building. As a result, Britain is currently facing political crises. This attributes to the water leak during an ongoing debate. Leading to mixed reactions from the members of parliament.



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