The Battle for Legislative Members in Ivory Coast


The Ivory Coast’s opposition party is looking forward to taking power in the government through electing legislative members. This time, they are eyeing the parliamentary elections. The party, which incorporates two former Ivory coast presidents, intends to gain its voice in the parliament on Saturday. This is after a five-month presidential election gap that granted Alassane Ouattara victory in the presidential elections. Results that did not please the opposition party and resulted in election clashes. The crisis resulted in the casualty of more than 85 innocent civilians. However, the conflicts have currently cooled off, and peace is restored.

The battle for the legislative members in Ivory Coast

Ivory coast holds three main political parties. The democratic party of Ivory Coast(PDCI), the Ivorian Popular Front (FPI), and the Rally of Houphouetists for Democracy and Peace (RHDP). The FPI is under former president Laurent Gbagbo and the PDCI is for former president Henri Konan Bedie. The RHDP is under the current president Ouattara.

The two political parties together form the opposition party for the Ivory Coast. The opposition is now rounding up candidates for the Saturday elections. Following the victory of Ouattara, the opposition is looking forward to grabbing the opportunity of parliament.

The fate of the opposition

According to a political analyst, Ousmane Zina, the opposition is at a critical juncture. In the event the opposition loses again in the parliamentary elections, all is lost for them. The opposition will completely have lost power and have reduced to nothing. Leaving all the power to the reigning political party. According to Michel, Gbagbo`s son, the election launches the opposition party’s reconquest of power.

The PDCI dates back to the 1940s, in the reign of Bedie before he was overthrown in 1999. However, his partnership with Ouattara was continuous until the year 2018. PDCI then split with Ouattara. In the meantime, Gbagbo is looking forward to making a comeback following his case in the Hague for war crimes in 2019.

Parliamentary victory for Ouattara

A statement from Ouattara chief of staff Patrick Achi confirms the importance of the current president’s election. A win will further confirm Ouattara`s victory for the presidency. It will further allow for easier actualization of the president`s agenda to the country`s economy and social policies.



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