The Bachelor SA’s Marc Buckner Claims He Was Arrested During the Lockdown in Instagram Post.


Popular television star, Marc Buckner claims he was arrested unjustly.

South African television personality and reality star Marc Buckner accused South Africa’s police for arresting him unlawfully. He claimed they arrested him on Wednesday morning as he was walking home from the shop. The popular Tv star claimed the policeman thoroughly ransacked his backpack after which they threw him at the back of the police land rover.

 The lockdown exempts less significant businesses.

He said they arrested him for violating the lockdown regulations. The policeman claimed he had left the house to purchase non-essentials. President Cyril Ramaphosa had declared the lockdown to curb coronavirus. He said despite the lockdown, people could access urgent services like medical care, collecting grants, purchasing groceries and other emergencies. Hence pharmacies, laboratories, banks, supermarkets, and petrol stations would remain in operation. However, less significant businesses were an exemption. They will deploy soldiers to ensure no one was violating the laws.


 Police misconduct, Marc Buckner claims he was mishandled.

Before arriving at the Cape Town police station, the policemen drove around with him for like an hour. At the station, they fined him 500 Rands and told him it was his lucky day. He conveyed this message through a video on his Instagram page grumping of how displeased he was. In the video, he asked followers what action to take, especially since he felt they mishandled him.

 How did M-Net react?

The video sent social media buzzing with comments and even worse when M-Net pulled it down. The latter replied to commentators that they had removed the video from Marc’s page since it was part of their obligation to protect their staff and talents. They said it was against their policy to leave personal information about their staff or talent in public.

Who is Marc Buckner?

Marc Buckner is a 36-year-old reality star who features South Africa’s Bachelor show aired on M-Net. SA’s Bachelor is a popular show with many fans in the country. The purpose of the show is to find a suitable life partner for Marc. Especially since he is a tycoon, rich with multiple assets, investors and a currency trader. The Bachelor SA continues un-interrupted. Despite cancelation and suspension of various shows in the entertainment industry due to coronavirus, they still air the Bachelor SA. Why? It is because they had already filmed most of the seasons before the pandemic. Hence despite the lockdown, enthusiasts still get to watch the show on Thursday nights.

 Police spokesperson challenges Marc Buckner to court.

Later on, Friday, the police spokesperson Brigadier told channel24 that any offender who felt they were treated unjustly could petition in court. For the case of Marc Buckner, he said he had not confirmed his arrest but challenged him to court.

 “If you receive a written J534 fine and feel that you have been in any way prejudiced or you feel that you were not given the fine justifiably, you can go to court and challenge it.”



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