Nine Illegal Miners Killed in South Africa.

Where were the miners from?

Authority in South Africa has started an investigation towards the stoning of nine illegal miner suspects. Sources have it that the miners were from Lesotho. The suspicion has it that their rival workers stoned them in Matholeville, which is in the west of Johannesburg. The nine bodies were lying in the streets while the 10th one was hurt seriously was rushed to the hospital. This incident happened on Friday afternoon. It was a day after the police commissioner-general Mawela raid in the area.

The police reported while condemning the act. In another report by SAPS, it said that the suspecting was blaming the deceased for involving themselves in activities that, in the long run, attract the government officials into their operation space, which is illegal. However, the police said the suspects had no excuse to give. That nobody can take law his hands.

Police Action.

“We condemn this barbaric attack, and we will ensure we leave no stone unturned in making the people of Matholevville and Roodeport feel safe. The suspects will be arrested soonest possible, and the police will not sleep until we get them.” Said Elias Mawela, who is the Gauteng police commissioner.

The commissioner further stated that eighty-seven people arrested will go for more questioning.

“During the night operation, police took in 87 people for questioning and to establish if they are not wanted for any crime.” Malewa continued.

Hours after the incident, they summoned the police in Johannesburg district.  This summoning aimed to work on any case of crime in Matholeville, together with its surrounding areas. General Mawela, in his statement, also said that people in the area should maintain calmness and cooperation with the officers.

We commonly know the illegal miners are common as “Zama Zama.” The name means ‘those who try their luck.’ The violence amongst these rival workers happens often.

Violence in South Africa.

South Africa is known to be among the most violent country in the world. Twenty-one thousand people between 2018 and 2019 died. This is equivalent to 58% on average per day because of violence. According to the human rights commission in South Africa, it believed that there are 8000 to 30000 illegal miners.

They dig the disused shafts and tunnels, thus taking an enormous risk. Further, they are facing another problem of gangs, who often tend to set scores. “Illegal mining and organized crime are intimately linked.

The “Zama Zama are often heavily armed, have explosives and set up ambushes against employees, guards and rival groups of illegal miners.” South Africa chamber of mines reported



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