Tragedy In Lagos following Pipeline Explosion.

Lagos pipeline explosion tragedies are not unusual in oil-rich Nigeria. These pipeline fires cause several deaths in populated Nigerian neighborhoods. Numerous residents lament their losses from the destruction of their properties by this pipeline infernos. The flames engulf vehicles, buildings, and shops and trucks. These pipelines a lot of the time, pass through poor communities. Reports claimed that vandals from these communities deliberately puncture these pipelines, which lead to explosions. These miscreants execute their plans, trying to collect fuel from these pipelines. Therefore, oil siphoned from the pipelines ends up resold to black markets. The methods used by these vandals, though, are usually careless and result in mistakes that cause fires.

Most individuals injured in these explosions go into hiding to evade arrest. Other individuals end up not going to the hospital because they lack money to pay for their treatment. Victims of such fires die from inhaled smoke and stampedes as well. The fire incidents also cause the displacement of numerous individuals. Furthermore, while other individuals try to escape the fires, others take the opportunity to rob their homes.

Lagos pipeline explosion

In one of the most recent pipeline fire tragedies in Nigeria. A fire broke out when a pipeline exploded in the Abule Egba region. The pipeline owned by Nigeria’s state oil company exploded at around 8 pm on January 19th, 2020. The fire, however, was brought under control at 9 pm and extinguished at 11:30 pm by firefighters. Four people died due to the unfortunate incident, and others hospitalized in critical condition. The remains of two men, a woman, and her baby were discovered at the scene of the fire. These deaths of these people’s merely caused by vandals trying to steal oil from the pipeline when a fire broke out.

Several houses burned down as a result of the pipeline fire. The Lagos State Government urged all citizens to report any suspicious activities and to remain calm. The state government asked all citizens with information concerning the unfortunate incident to come forward. The locals in these neighborhoods were urged to work together to avoid any future events altogether. People agreed to report on any acts of vandalism by any individual. Pipeline explosions were now a matter of national security.

“If they are allowed to continue, they will sooner or later kill all of us.” A Nigerian National Petroleum Corp`s (NNPC) head said as he visited the site where the incident happened.

Previous Pipeline Explosions

Lagos Pipeline explosion tragedies have taken place numerous times in the past. For instance, in the year 2006, December 26th, a similar tragedy occurred as he one recorded above. Coincidentally this incident happened in the same place Abule Egba in Lagos. This disaster, however, caused the deaths of hundreds of people. Initially, the casualties of this ordeal estimated to around 500.  Later, reports confirm the loss being smaller and at least 206 people confirmed dead. Another disaster happened on 12th May 2006 at Atlas Creek Island, near Lagos. Thieves raptured a pressurized petrol pipeline, and it exploded. A total of 150 people perished that day. Another incident happened in the year 2004 in December. At least 20 casualties confirmed to be dead. In September the same year, another disaster took place, taking with it at least 60 souls.

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