The 15 Year Old Biker Making Waves

Tanyaradzwa Muzinda, born in Harare Zimbabwe, 15 years ago, is not your ordinary teenager. She is indeed a superstar and an award-winning Motocross biker since her tender age. She narrates how she started the biking hype when she was only 5 years old. ‘Tanya’ as she’s nicknamed, took after her father’s biking hobby. Her dad would ride her on the bike and later she would practice the sport till she mastered the art. Tanya in her young age has received both local and international acclaim. This article is about a 15-year-old biker making waves.

The successes Tanya has had in the sport

In 2017, Tanya took third place in Motocross competition in England. She received an award and left a legacy of finishing a round since the inception of the championship. Most are amazed by how the little girl does her thing, surpassing those older than him. She’s skilled in this art and does her best to participate in any sports. She’s not afraid to always pursue the male-dominated sport because she knows that’s where her passion lies. At the age of six, she also won a local tournament and therefore received recognition as a professional biker. The 16-year-old biker making waves is very talented.

What challenges does Tanya face?

One of the biggest challenges Tanya faces is the riskiness of this game. Sometimes back she fell off 100 feet and hurt her feet and back so bad. Only after some months of the accident was he able to walk again. Despite this challenge, she would never look back on this sport. Nothing would deter her from participating in it because she still does.

The other challenge is financial constraints. For instance, buying a biker and a gear to participate in a tournament costs around $900 to $1500. On top of this, you have to include the money for the ticket to abroad. Sometimes Tanya has to miss a competition simply because she cannot afford it. Some of her rivals laugh at the situation and maybe blame her African background as the cause. However, this acts as a reminder that she needs to work harder in the sport. Despite it all, the 15-year-old biker making waves still soldiers on.

Giving back to society

Just recently, Tanya gave 45 students scholarships in a local school in Zimbabwe. Because she understands how it feels to have financial constraints, she is in the best position to help. The most students she supported were girls since she perceived the most vulnerable are girls. For example, when parents have financial struggles, they would prefer to send the boys to school as the girls wait at home. So, Tanya uses the money from her winning and other bonuses to help out the needy in the society. In the year 2020, she has hopes to sponsor more than 500 students. With such an inspired young lady, this is very possible.

Tanyaradzwa Mutinda hopes to inspire girls to pursue the sport. In spite of the popular belief that the sport is for boys, they should never relent. She has received feedback many times that she can tell that the sport is for boys. Additionally, it’s viewed as an expensive sport that Africans cannot afford. But through her experience, Tanya advises the young girls to take it on. They never know the opportunities that will arise along the way. I hope you got inspired by the 15-year-old biker making waves.


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