Taliban breaking promises, including over women, says UN


The Taliban on Monday got criticism from the United Nations. The UN department of Human rights condemned Taliban for seizing their power. Among the worst cases being the fact that they don’t respect the women’s rights status as discussed earlier.


Religion, ethnicity, and woman have been affected by the new and perilous phase in Afghanistan.  Their rights are really messed up. Michelle Bachelet spoke to the Human rights Council which had a meeting in Geneva on Monday. She was very annoyed with the matters concerning the death of women because of some fake harsh rules.


She continued that women have been excluded from most public matters. Over the last three weeks, they got sacked from government positions and some from their daily jobs. The Taliban will continue to uphold women’s rights over a time. Such minor actions prove the importance of the United Nation comming to protect women’s freedom.


Michelle expressed fear in the newly elected government called Taliban. The state is full of Pashtun ethnic groups with the absence of women in their leadership. That alone shows much. Dictatorship will face the country if the other nations won’t comes to the rescue.


The Taliban have already made a mistake by choosing former civil servants with their security offices from previous government. So there is no house-to-house search that could ensure changes within the government.


In matters about religion, there was no clear report. But rumors have gone viral over the Taliban’s being against other religions like Christian. According to one christian, some of his colleagues were subjected to rough rules. They were to adhere to them or face death within a day. Afghanistan is mainly filled with Muslims but there are traces of Christians who have lived there for a long. The current government wants to deny its citizens the freedom of worship.


Pashtun ethnicity has already dominated the government. It’s a a terrifying matter because all the sits within a few periods are occupied by same language group. This will mean all the resources taken to similar region without considering others. A single community will rule over. The rate of inequality has already been shown.


In addition, most top leaders relates by blood. Their self-options will mean a lot. The new set of rules will depend on what their community likes or dislikes. If women are seen as an inferior person, then the whole nation will have to change their mindset about this.


The newer regulations have made women to live in fear with their kids. They have nowhere to report the matter. It’s until now that the United Nations as come through to defend the citizens. Thousands of people have migrated from the country to various nations in  search of help. Some have even landed in Africa, where there is peace and stability.


The inhumane situation of Taliban’s ruling the country has been condemned badly. We are yet to see any changes as the matter is still under discussion.



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