South Africa Government Finally Responds To Poor Neighborhoods


South Africa finally responds to its poor residents needs. Human beings need necessities like food, shelter, and clothing to live comfortably every day. The unfortunate thing is that one needs money to purchase all these needs. African governments just like any other value people much more during elections and giving people false hopes. Poverty among Africans is still a huge challenge on the continent. People are striving to make ends meet. Typically, most African states have a very low Gross Domestic Product meaning that there are no many economic activities ongoing.

In 2006 over 30 states on the United Nations list of least developed states were in the African region. In 2009, more than 20 countries had Low Human Development. The incomes of most Africans who are working in enterprises have been dropping gradually. Today, what an average European get is over 15 times more of what a basic African can earn.

With the coronavirus disease hitting the African countries more, economies of several states are going to decline. Already most of the low-income people have lost jobs increasing the number of people living below the normal daily wage. Most people cannot pay rents hence opt for living in poor housing structures so that they may survive the outside harsh conditions.

Apartheid In South Africa

Apartheid was a system that separated races in South Africa during the 90s. It ensured that the white people dominated South Africa and had the highest status than the blacks. The 1st rule of the Apartheid was the Prohibition of Mixed Marriages followed by the Immorality Amendment Act. In 1960, white authorities removed millions of black Africans from their homes and forced them to rural areas. The black South African was not to own any land or work in any white office job. Today, we see the effects of apartheid as many people still live in poverty and poor areas.

Story Of Isaac Mbatha 

Isaac Mbatha is one of the people living under hard circumstances in poor South African neighborhoods. He lives inside a tent with his wife and children in Wilgespruit which had no space, electricity, and clean water. Mbatha has been having sleepless nights due to the rains and cold. However, the coronavirus pandemic changed their lives after a very long period.

Coronavirus In South Africa; A Blessing In Disguise

Despite the coronavirus damaging the economy of South Africa and taking many lives, people in Wilgespruit see it as a ‘blessing.’ This is because, following the situation of coronavirus in the country, the government decided to relocate more than 50 families for free. Besides, the government made it possible for people to access clean water and proper health facilities. This help from the government came after a long time of suffering and crying. We see the testimony of one of the people who lived under very tough circumstances.

“This coronavirus is not good, but I like it because without the coronavirus we couldn’t get clean by the government. So, the coronavirus at least made it possible for things to move for us.”




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