Royal Caribbean Extends Cruise with Confidence Program


Royal Caribbean is offering guests three more months to take advantage of its cancellation policy. The Cruise with Confidence Program has been extended until April 30th, 2021. The package allows guests to cancel a  Cruise for any reason up to hours before a cruise is scheduled to leave. 

Besides, it also enables guests to take advantage of a lower price by guaranteeing the best price. The program from the Royal Caribbean was initially expected to end on January 31. 

Lift & Shift is ending.

This extension does not include Lift and Shift. It allows tourists to defer their reservations by a year while keeping the fare the same. The Cruise with Confidence Program was Introduced at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.  It provides relaxed rules about canceling a cruise should guests decide to change their minds.

Normally, guests would incur a penalty for canceling a sailing beyond the date of payment. This is usually 90 days before the sailing commences. The new arrangement means greater flexibility for guests, aimed at better service and convenience for them. 

In the light of this, guests would get full credit for their fare. They can use this on any future sailing of their choice in 2020 or 2021. The cruise line has a practice of conducting compulsory temperature screenings on the day guests are to embark to prevent coronavirus spread.

Missing the Cruises

The Covid-19 outbreak in the spring of 2020 has forced about 300 cruise ships to suspend operations. Most of these cruise ships are not likely to sail again until April at the very least. Over 500,000 people who were employed by the cruise industry all over the world have lost their jobs. 

Sometime in October, the Disease control prevention agency released guidelines for safety on cruises. These included masks, testing, and 14-day quarantine. These guidelines put many tourists off because they would not want to cruise to spend so many days in quarantine. Ironically, cruise lines are singled out as villains during the pandemic. These people are known for their strict policies about health and cleanliness. Unfortunately, there have been cases of transmission on cruises. Therefore, it makes sense to suspend cruises until the situation has been brought under control.

Nonetheless, cruise lovers are very loyal customers. The Cruise with Confidence Program is meant to reward loyalty and build relationships. The pandemic has brought to the limelight that we often never know what we have until we lose it. Travel is a great passion for the loyal tourists who love to escape to luxurious destinations on trips of a lifetime.

Forced to Return Early

A passenger on board a cruise ship tested positive for Covid-19. This forced the vessel to return early to Port.  “A cruise to Nowhere”  is a concept that was being tested in Singapore. It allows cruise ships to make round trips to Singapore without any port of call in between. This is a makeshift arrangement due to restrictions due to measures to stop the spread of Covid-19.

The passenger involved was an 83-year-old male; before boarding the ship here tested negative; however, when the shift facility tested him again for Covid-19, he tested positive. PCR tests have been widely used to detect cases.  The only drawback is that it takes hours for the results to come in. 



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