Kenya Raids Shop Selling Counterfeit Corona Virus Testing Kits

Kenya Raids Shop Selling Counterfeit Corona Virus Testing Kits
Kenya Raids Shop Selling Counterfeit Corona Virus Testing Kits

As per the latest news from the Standard newspaper, Kenyan authorities have raided a shop and arrested around ten people suspected of selling fake testing kits for the Corona virus. It is not good to trick other people especially when they having a pressing issue like the Covid-19. At the moment, Kenyans are thinking of the safest way to contain the virus, let’s not take advantage of the same to lie or convict others.

As per the standard news, the suspects were selling old kits, and people fall for it as some did purchase. The Kenya Medical chief Executive officer Daniel Yumbya led the raid together with officers from Kenyan Pharmacist and Prison Board as well as Directorate of Criminal  Investigations. Yumbya stated that all analyses associated with COVID-19 take place at the Kenya Medical Research Institute. Anyone interested in selling the kits must have a permit from the pharmacy board.  Mr. Daniel says so far; there is no one issued with the license.

Disrespect to Kenyan citizens

According to the news, the suspects advertised the counterfeit kits online and managed to sell six hundred and remained with four hundred of them. These suspects deserve to be arrested and charged, for deceiving desperate Kenyans to buy the fake testing kits. Everyone should take the Corona virus outbreak seriously but not run up and down selling counterfeit kits.

It’s the highest order of disrespect to all citizens. Think about it for a moment, how a person chooses to sell counterfeit testing kits when the issue at hand is pandemic. Sounds crazy, right? A few days ago, the Worlds Health Organization announced the Corona outbreak a world’s disaster, yet some people take the chance to convict others.

Lack of respect to the president

All Kenyans should keep in mind that the president, together with his government, is aware of the virus outbreak. There is no need to sell counterfeit testing kits, as it will bring you a lot of problems. The raid happened after the president warned the public about the spread of false news. Every citizen should be respectful enough to the commander in chief not to make irrational decisions thinking they make them safe. Today, society is full of fraudsters, and it is the same reason people should tramp cautiously.

The Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta gave a suspension order for all travels to and from any country suspected to have Covid-19. The president said all the residents, either citizens or foreigners with permits, will have to pass the self-quarantine procedure. Besides, all learning institutions, including colleges, universities, are indefinitely closed. The president also advises the citizens to avoid cash as it can be contaminated.


The bottom line here is that we ought to be patient with our government. I believe it can offer the best protection against the pandemic outbreak. Furthermore, we should not put the entire burden on the government, let us take the outlaid precautionary measures, and we will survive.



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