Putin Announces Arrest of All Four Suspects in Moscow Attack After 133 Killed at Concert Hall

Putin Announces Arrest of All Four Suspects in Moscow Attack A
Smoke from fire rises above the burning Crocus City Hall concert venue

Putin Announces Arrest of All Four Suspects in Moscow Attack After 133 Killed at Concert Hall

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced the capture of all four assailants responsible for a horrific attack at a crowded concert venue in Moscow. The assault resulted in the deaths of at least 133 people, with over 140 others sustaining injuries as the attackers indiscriminately fired upon the venue’s occupants and set the building ablaze.

Authorities disclosed that a total of 11 individuals were detained in connection with the attack, with the four gunmen apprehended while attempting to flee to Ukraine. The Islamic State (IS) group has claimed responsibility for the assault, sharing an image of the masked perpetrators on the IS-linked news agency Amaq’s Telegram channel. However, Russia has yet to officially respond to IS’s claim.

In a televised address, President Putin condemned the massacre as a “barbaric terrorist act,” labeling it the deadliest incident in Russia in nearly two decades. He echoed assertions by Russian security services that the attackers sought refuge in Ukraine, a claim vehemently denied by Ukrainian officials as “absurd.”

Andriy Yusov, a spokesperson for the Ukrainian military intelligence directorate, dismissed the notion that the assailants were headed to Ukraine, characterizing such allegations as unfounded and illogical.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused Putin of attempting to shift blame onto Ukraine, asserting that Putin remained silent for a day, contemplating how to implicate Ukraine in the attack, instead of addressing his own citizens.

The attack unfolded during a Friday night rock concert at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow’s Krasnogorsk suburb, where up to 6,200 attendees had gathered. Videos captured the assailants clad in camouflage, firing upon concertgoers before entering the venue, causing panic and chaos among the crowd.

Eyewitnesses recounted scenes of horror as the attackers methodically targeted attendees, with some concertgoers seeking refuge in the basement or on the roof to escape the onslaught. Reports indicated the use of flammable liquid to set fire to sections of the concert hall, exacerbating the tragedy.

In response to the devastating attack, President Putin declared Sunday as a national day of mourning, with weekend events canceled across Russia. Memorials sprung up outside the concert hall and Russian embassies worldwide, as citizens mourned the loss of lives and offered support to the victims and their families.

The aftermath of the assault left many individuals frantic, searching for missing loved ones amid overwhelmed hospitals and communication difficulties. The tragedy underscores the need for solidarity and swift action in the face of terrorism, as nations unite to confront the scourge of violent extremism.


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