Police Brutality Against Blacks: Jacob Blake Down


Police brutality is rampant in the United States. African-American have rights just like any other American citizen. They have the right to life, equality, and justice. Countries have constitutions that protect the rights of these citizens. The judicial system in any country punishes anyone who violates the rights of a fellow citizen. There are organizations such as Amnesty International that helps in the protection of human rights worldwide.

Police Brutality

The police in any state should protect the citizens against harm. Unfortunately, it is very unfair when the same police force violates the rights of these citizens. It contradicts their purpose in a particular country. An example of such a country is the United States. For a very long time, the US has been having racial issues, and the white police killing unarmed African-American citizens.

Recently, George Floyd died in the hands of a white police officer. This action arose protests all over the globe since there was no valid reason as to why the police officer killed the man. Similar cases involve people such as Rayshard Brooks and Breonna Taylor.

The shooting of Jacob Blake

On Sunday, a police officer shot Blake, a 29-year old African-American, more than 5 times in Wisconsin. Reports say that the police officer shot the man from behind. It all started when the police answered a call in which the sender reported that a litigant said Blake wasn’t supposed to be there. A witness says that Blake had pulled his vehicle near some women who were shouting.

Benjamin Crump, Jacob’s attorney, said the man was trying to scale down a fight between 2 people when police arrived there. Later on, Blake went to his car to check on his children. Another witness who was recording a video heard the police shouting “drop the knife”. The witness said that Blake was neither resisting nor having any weapons in his hands.

After an initial fight, Jacob walked towards his car, and 2 officers who had firearms followed him. The close officer attempted to grab him and as Jacob was entering his car, that officer shot Blake. Paramedics took Blake to Froedtert hospital. His father announced that his son suffered paralysis and there is little hope to recovery.

After the incident, demonstrations followed resulting in the Kenosha county authorities to announce a state of emergency. The protesters rioted, destroyed properties, set fire on assets, and clashed with the police force. 

The Views of Tony Evers

Tony is the governor of Wisconsin. He says:

“We must start the long but important path towards ensuring our state and our country starts to live up to our promises of equity and justice.”

Despite the fact that the United States is one of the most powerful countries in the world, it still has a long way to go. The country has not taken serious actions in stopping the police killings and injustices. Americans should focus on bringing a change towards the issue as they prepare for their general elections. All black American citizens have the same and equal rights as white citizens.



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