Nigeria Mourns for the Loss of Tolulope Arotile


Nigeria is an example of a country that supports women’s empowerment. Unfortunately, they are in mourning due to the loss of individual of their best combat helicopter pilots,Tolulope Arotile, who was a female. 

Background of Tolulope Arotile

Tolulope Oluwatoyin Arotile was born on 13th December 1995 to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Akintunde Arotile. She comes from the Ijumu Local Government Area of the Kogi state. Tolulope attended the Air Force Primary School from 2000 to 2005 and the Air Force Secondary School from 2006 to 2011. The woman later got an admission into the Nigerian Defence Academy as a participant of the 64 Regular Course.

She had a business-related pilot license and had gone through a strategical flying preparation for the Agusta 109 Power Attack Helicopter in Italy. Arotile made a great history three years ago (2017) after being Nigeria’s 1st female combat helicopter pilot.

The Downfall of  Arotile

After receiving the 2017 recognition, Arotile never knew her success would be so short. She passed away in a road accident after sustaining severe injuries on the head. The accident happened at a base in her home state.

The Air Force said:

“Until her demise, Arotile, who was commissioned into the NAF in 2017 as a member of NDA Regular Course 64, was the 1st female combat helicopter pilot. During her short stay in the service, late Arotile contributed significantly to her country. She got rid of the north-central states’ armed bandits and other criminal elements through flying several combat missions.”

President Buhari and Chief Of Air Staff Views

Through his spokesman, President Buhari acknowledged Arotile’s courage in the open field to defend the nation from armed bandits. Marshall, the chief of air staff, commented and praised Arotile’s bravery in fighting crimes and banditry. She significantly contributed to the security of Nigeria, ensuring citizens live in peace. Buhari, among other Air Force leaders, said that the death of Tolulope leaves a huge gap in the Airforce and the whole of Nigeria.

Reactions On Social Media

The sadness of the loss of Arotile went beyond her country. Other people from social media were in tears after they heard such an important person from the Airforce was dead. Morris Monye says that the woman was contributory in the combat against armed bandits. Senator Shehu says that Arotile was a woman who overcame the impossible.

From the death of Tolulope Arotile, we see that she was an important instrumental in Nigeria’s security. Through more women empowerment, many more women like Arotile will rise and contribute much more to their nations.



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