This Abuja Airplane House Will Fascinate You

The house belongs to the Said family and its construction began in 1999. The family moved into the house in the year 2002 although the construction is not yet completed. So far, this airplane house has attracted visitors who want to be fascinated by its wonderful design. Mr. Jammal, the owner who is a contractor says all his six children are brought up here. In fact, one of the sons claims that he was 6 years when they moved into this house back in 2002. Indeed this Abuja airplane house will fascinate you.

Why was the airplane house built?

Mr. Jammal, a contractor, got the idea of constructing the house 20 plus years ago. He attributes the interest to build this house to his wife. Her name is Liz and she loved travelling on airplanes like crazy. So what did the husband do? He thought of constructing an airplane house so that she feels like she’s in an airplane all the time. In so doing, the wife will always be closer to her. Who wouldn’t love receiving such a gift from their significant other?

How’s the design of the house?

The unique design with which the house is constructed attracts tourists. Its cockpit story where the airplane is located comprises of the kitchen and a guest room. When the family is inside here, they can only imagine that they are in a plane. Mr. Jammal says that he still has plans to complete this project. At a glance, visitors can confuse the building for a plane crash. How in the world does a building look like an airplane? They ask. But the creativity of Mr. Jammal to win and keep the love of his wife is behind this amazing structure. This Abuja airplane house will fascinate you with its unique design.

Plans to complete the house

Nigeria’s capital Abuja boasts of a spectacular tourist attraction. The Abuja airplane house brings in hundreds of visitors. Of course this is source of income to the Said family. The elderly man is amazed by how just a mere building could become such a major house. First, its one-of-a-kind status carries many away. Most people question the contractor on how he came up with such a unique idea. Additionally, he still has the zeal to complete this house. We can only imagine how great the final product will be.

When asked why Nigeria is his country, this is what Mr. Jammal had to say. He has brought up all his six children in this airplane house. All of them were born in Jos province, so they can proudly call Nigeria their home country. On top of that, Mr. Jammal loves Nigeria and that’s why he decided to settle there. This Abuja airplane house will fascinate you as you travel Nigeria.

Final thoughts

The Abuja airplane house is the next thing you need to look out for once you are in Nigeria. Here, you will meet the man who wanted to make his wife happy by letting her have what she always loved. Her love for travel and adventure inspired the husband to build her an airplane house. As a result, she will always feel as if she’s in an airplane. So, she will always be close to her husband and possibly love him more each day.


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