Natural Healing to Help Relieve COVID-19 and Flu Symptoms


The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has caused anxiety, depression, and loss of lives to humanity. As doctors and scientists across the world are trying to find the cure for the virus, the fate of humanity is unknown; maybe we will have to live with the virus for some time. Natural healing can save us all.  Out of anxiety, some health problem has caused worry to your mind and made you asked yourself questions.

Well, it is okay to worry. This is the time of the year when there is flu, some nasal, and respiratory disease that spread the same way as the coronavirus.

However, is there anything that you can do to keep off the flu or contacting Covid- 19 to minimal chances? Is this even possible?

Different people react differently to life problems and their consequences. For example, you can arrive at a fatal accident, and the first thing you will do is re-direct traffic, remember first aid rules and rescue survivors. Others will faint, vomit, close their eyes, freeze or make screams and relive the sight for weeks long. The same is right about the way we react to diseases. You could be dealing with a small health condition. But the way you respond to it determines how fast the infection or virus can affect your body and even cause adverse health conditions.

So, what is the best way to deal with such situations in life?

These natural healing will help you fight the virus and stay positive in life.

Use your common sense.

You have some power over how the disease advances in your body. Common sense is equally important on how you can manage and stay positive to an underlying health problem—and staying safe from the virus. Those who stay in urban areas understand how sometimes you have to push hard during the day. You have a meeting or a deadline to meet. You are tired and want to rest. This routine is not suitable for your health; instead, it weakens your immune.

Here is the best way to deal with that and improve your immune system.

Start creating healthy lifestyle changes today.

The biggest favor you can do to yourself in this time in life is changing your lifestyle. Almost everything has changed since the outbreak of the virus, why not start doing your things differently too. Implement stop signs to something that affects your life, either weight gains, lack of sleep, stressful thoughts, and replace with a healthy lifestyle like meditation, cooking your food from scratch, keto diet or buy healthy meals. Consume a lot of vegetables daily, take a lemon, eggs, and coffee. Start exercising, drink a lot of water, liquids, rooibos, ginger, chamomile tea.

These types of mind and nutrition and physical health will change your life and make you live a better experience each new day.

Be alert on how you are feeling.

Be watchful to every slight change you experience in your health. This is better experienced in the urine passage. Check the color and output. Observe the changes in your bowel quality and movement. If you had an underlying health condition and it is not contained as before, it is time to go for a checkup.

Seek early treatment

If you first experience a change in your body and seek immediate help, you give your body a better chance to fight the disease.

If, by chance, you contact the flu or tested positive for coronavirus and told to go home and rest in less than two weeks. The immune system did its best to attack the virus and your success in natural healing.


The natural approach to slow viral reproduction

Using herbal, homeopathic, some supplements, and essential oils will give you a better chance to slow the viral production in your body. Life was stressful even before the outbreak of the pandemic, with careers, children, and normal house duties to do. Therefore, we are all doing fine to manage the situation. Use these approaches to help you fight the spread of infections.

Herbal medicines–Golden seal, Sutherlandia, Hawthorn and Artemesia.

Homeopathic remedies–Arnica D6, to keep your blood thin and take away the aches and pains of flu. Be watchful not to use it for a more extended period. Also, please inform your doctor earlier before the hospitalization that you are using it.

Supplement support–Use Vitamin D3, Zinc, Vitamin C, and careful use of Vitamin A. Coenzyme Q10 thins the blood and gives the kidney, liver, and heart support to fight infections. Berberine supplement has a blood-thinning result and blood sugar supportive action to help in fighting diseases.

Essential oils, for example, lavender oil is an antibacterial with calming and uplifting effect on the body. Thyme is antiviral and peppermint, which helps in the digestive system. These essential oils provide powerful natural healing to keep you safe and away from the flu or the virus.



Some natural medicine in the form of herbs, vitamins, and minerals, and lots of other nutrients can help boost immunity, BUT they are not cured or remedy for Covid-19. And should not replace social distancing and quarantining. There is no cure for Covid-19, and no scientific approval behind these alternative remedies offer cure for coronavirus.




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