Good Health: 5 Benefits of Aloe Vera Plant


It might seem to be a plant but to many it is a life changer. Aloe Vera has scientifically proven to be helpful to the human health. This plant serves good news to the beauty queens today as it is being used to manufacture various beauty products. Have I mentioned of how it can serve as a decor plant in your home? Well, just as you might consider adding a flower pot, or a rosemary potted plant, Aloe Vera can add on to the list too. The re-known succulent bears a number of benefits as highlighted below;

5 Benefits of Aloe Vera Plant

#1. Aloe Vera Keeps fruits fresh

I bet not most people are aware of this proven fact. The Aloe Vera gel has been tested and tried to prevent bacteria that results to fruits going bad. So if you find your refrigerator full, let the plant store the fruits for you. The outcome is far from disappointments.

#2. As an alternative mouthwash

First in the line is our health. The bitterness and unpleasant taste of the plant we can deal with later. Now things like toothpaste somehow always end up missing on the shopping list. If this often happens to you, rush to your potted plant and gladly use it as your mouthwash. It also takes care of the swollen gums as well as bleeding gums. Tooth paste factories have since opted to include this ingredient in their brands. For strong and healthy teeth, choose Aloe Vera!

#3. Skin care

Ladies here is a little something for you. Forget the chemically processed lotions and oils that are on bill boards claiming to be the solution to acne. The secret behind a clear skin comes with the Aloe Vera. There are ways formulated today to help you formulate your homemade Aloe Vera oil for your skin.

The plant is already designed to store water. Hence its juice serves as a moisturizer to your skin leaving you all clear and hydrated. What are you waiting for sis? Get yourself looking young with a glowing skin at the expense of your Aloe Vera plant.

#4. Lowers blood sugar

For people who type 2 diabetes seems to take a toll on them, two tablespoons of Aloe Vera juice is the ultimate solution. The juice lowers the rising sugar levels. However, one needs to be careful especially when it comes to patients who consume the glucose-lowering medications. The juice alongside these medications can amount to very low glucose levels which is dangerous.

#5. Hair growth

This product is a complete package to your hair.  It gives the hair the moisturization it needs. Applying this gel on your scalp helps reduce dandruffs and itchiness on your hair too. The plant comes with a proteolytic enzyme which facilitates faster hair growth. Additionally, it repairs dead skin cells that might be on your scalp. For that smooth and shiny touch on your hair, use the Aloe Vera gel as your conditioner as well.

Aloe Vera plant has many uses. The above mentioned benefits are just a smidge of the real deal. The plant can also be used as a heartburn reliever as well as a natural laxative among other numerous benefits. Above all, it is a pocket friendly plant.



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