Mixta Africa: Call for Automation of Mortgage Process


Established in April 2005, Mixta Africa is Europe’s first-mover into and a functioning player in the quickly developing African Real Estate industry. Specialists in real estate have expressed that declining liquidity and prioritization of application are factors that may illuminate new ways around getting things done in the real estate business going ahead.

The specialists who talked during a board meeting at the Mixta Africa’s Webinar meeting held in Lagos, with the subject, ” Making Informed Investment Decisions in the COVID-19 Era: A real estate perspective” said governments’ initial reaction with strategies and samples would empower the economy to recoup rapidly.

Mixta Africa to partner with Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria

They agreed that this period presents a big challenge both to the customers and investors. It, therefore, offers an opportunity for housing providers to think outside the box. They should think of policies that will not only sustain customers but also provide value. This will make investors trust the real estate industry.

Panelists at the conference comprised the Managing Director, Mixta Africa Plc, Mr. Kola Ashiru-Balgun, Fine and Country West Africa, Mrs. Ude Okonjo, Managing Principal, Nextnomics Advisory, Dr. Temitayo Oshikoya,etc.

The Moderator of the meeting, Ashiru-Balogun, gave the foundation on how the COVID-19 was affecting the economy. This included developing threat of approaches globally, powerless economic standpoint. Also, lower crude petroleum costs, which Nigeria is as of now encountering, and worries of further currency degrading.

He noticed that these have come about to a go-slow in investment (both private and government). Pivoting it on foreseen strain on government receipts and consumer income.

There is a bright future in housing and real estate business

As indicated by him, pension funds and value financial specialists would uncover an extraordinary future in residential real estate as affordable accommodation will keep on being sought after post-COVID-19.

Taking a look at the prospects in both private and business properties, Oshikoya said while interest for real estate right now may decrease, organizations will be worried about investment funds cost and ordinary methods for carrying out the responsibility.

Likewise, Dangiwa, who talked on the actions of the government to expand access to reasonable accommodation post-COVID-19. He said endeavors are on to guarantee the incorporation of the informal sector affordable housing plans in the nation utilizing their banks BVN.

Also, Azubuike talked about how basic it was for the legislature to restart the economy. This is with arrangement reaction as key in experiencing the COVID-19 cycle and driving to recovery.

“We will see supply outstrip demand, and in the short and medium-term, this will impact consumers,” he said.

On his part, Okonjo, who was cheery on opportunities during and after the pandemic, said players should consider some fresh possibilities. Firstly, grow the market, and acquire diaspora pioneering financial specialists increment liquidity in the division.




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