Man Drowns in Mesurado River Rescuing Dropped $20 Note


A man in Liberia’s Capital, Monrovia, died after jumping from a bridge. The man jumped from the bridge and into the Mesurado River in Liberia’s Capital, Monrovia.

The Mesurado River

Liberia’s people know the river that caused the man to lose his life in Monrovia as the Mesurado River. The river is also recognized locally as the Du-River by the residents of Monrovia. The Mesurado River flows through Monrovia, the capital city of the West African Republic of Liberia, into the Atlantic Ocean. The river has an over-all stretch of about 25 kilometers, which is around 16 miles. The beginning or River Mesurado is measured to be 30 meters, around some (98 feet) above the sea.

East of Monrovia a town known as Sinda Town exists, where the major source of the Mesurado River can be found. At Sinda, the Mesurado River is always under the influence of the Atlantic Ocean’s tide. Whenever there is a high tide at Sinda, the Mesurado River gets dammed up, forming a large lagoon perfect for transportation. The lagoon provides a means of transporting people and goods throughout the city.

The People’s Bridge

Monrovia suffers from traffic congestion, resulting in transportation being a significant problem in the Capital. Thus as this problem continues to exist, there are always traffic congestions in Monrovia. People cause the traffic while trying to move about from one section of the Capital to another. To solve the transportation difficulties, Liberian’s use the Mesurado River as a crossing point. People cross the river using the people’s bridge. The bridge helps the locals get across to the slum communities of West point and other parts as well.

Man Drowns in the Mesuradu River

On the fateful day of the drowning, street hawker Tamba Lamine and a friend were walking across the People’s bridge. Mr. Lamine dropped the $20 note by mistake as they were walking across. The two friends had jointly sold some merchandise together and planned on splitting their profits.

When the $20 note fell into the river, Mr. Lamine felt pressured to retrieve the money because he wanted to hand his friend a share of it. Mr. Lamine’s friend expected $5 from the $20 they made after making a successful sale.
Mr. Lamine as a result  jumped off the bridge and into the river.

He managed to find the money and even show it to some onlookers gathered on the bridge. The crowd gathered on the bridge thought that he was safe after he emerged from the river and showed them the note. Mr. Lamine, however, disappeared and did not resurface again after showing the crowd the money.

Mr. Tamba Lamine drowned in the Mesuradu River, which runs through mainland Monrovia and the industrial district of Bushrod Island. His death caused much sadness and grief. Mr. Lamine’s body is yet to be recovered, said a police spokesman in Monrovia. The spokesman also stated that cases of drowning in the river are sporadic.

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