Journalists, churches harassments in the USA

Journalists, churches harassments in the USA

As per the latest news in USA harassment of journalists, churches are now a rising issue. It is not good to harass people. As human beings, we should take care and not harass each other no matter the challenges we face. Several occasions in the USA shows how harassment is leading to chaos. This paper covers cases of the same.

Neo-Nazis charged over threats to journalist and churches

The United States federal investigation board has arrested several members of the Neo-Nazis group, for harassing journalists and churches. As per the news, the court charges Neo-Nazi with bomb threats and intimidation. They were cyberstalking as well as mailing threatening messages to journalists. A former leader of the group John Denton, 26, was arrested on Wednesday for the same. The board links Denton to multiple killings and swatting calls.

Alexandria Prosecutors say the bomb threats directed to Old Dominion University in Norfolk, an unknown Cabinet official in northern Virginia, and an African American church within the city were legit and a way to incite a race war.

According to the official declaration, swatting calls took place in 2018 and 2019 with more than a hundred swatting calls. The call issue was all over the United Kingdom, the US, and Canada. Denton also admitted that he used a voice charge to make the calls. He said this to an FBI secret agent.

Whites’ supremacists aim campuses

Happened some years back at Texas A&M University, where an African American philosophy professor (Tommy Curry) received threatening messages for his children, wife, and himself. The supremacists called them all sorts of names, including African baboons. They shared monkey pictures with guns in their mouth.

The incident started after Curry seven years old audio file, which talked about blacks’ self-defense in opposition to the United States white supremacy. The podcast also talked about slave rebellions. They turned it around to blame Carry for a calling to kill the whites. Later, the remarks were taken out of context because the investigation performed said the allegations base on realistic errors.

Curry condemned racism, supported freedom of speech and academic freedoms in colleges. He highlights the crucial issues affecting society today.

  El Pasco shooter say he targeted Mexicans

According to reports from the police, the male suspect Patrick Crusius who killed over 22 people at El Pasco Walmart store, says he targeted the Mexicans. The investigation boards believe that he published an anti-migrant article before the attack. Crusius defends himself by saying that he is just a loyal citizen fighting against ethnic and cultural replacements.

Patrick rails against race mixing and Hispanic living in Texas, which is total harassment to the Hispania’s. The document mimics several immigration statements made by President Donald Trump. Most of El Pasco Democrats blame Trump for creating racial and political tension.


To make the world a better place for us, we should be ready to overcome these racial issues. We should focus on implementing the equality policy but not tear each other apart. Love and respect your neighbor no matter the color, nationality.



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